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Re: The C word!
by charlie • Mon 15 Jun 2020 09:03
just looking at Eurotunnel. at the moment until 15th june they are offering a no questions asked refund and prices are good at the moment. We are going to book for july 6th
for 3 weeks and hope we can go then, if not we can rearrange or cancel and get refund so seems a good deal worth considering.
After the announcements over the weekend we have decided that it is reasonable for us to spend several weeks in France and I will now be booking a shuttle out for early next week. Our favoured route is with BF from Portsmouth but that can wait till the ferries have settled down and present a practical solution.
We can cope with the current two weeks of isolation at our house but are hoping that may change.
Hope all members who are caught up in the CV19 problems can also find suitable routes to or from their homes.
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Re: The C word!
by Creusebear • Sun 21 Jun 2020 17:51
I hope your journey goes well Charlie. We have put any plans to travel on hold for the moment, although a friend is, like you, heading over next week to check on his house. We are fortunate that our neighbours are keeping an eye on our place and keeping the grass under control, so we are going to wait until things have settled down a bit. I am looking forward to the peace and quiet when we eventually do.
I am still at work, even though I thought I had taught my last lesson back in March, we continued to run a full online curriculum for the past 7 weeks. I am now back in the classroom with all but a couple of the children with strict routines to keep safe distancing. By next week we will have all year groups back. It has all been a bit of a blur but having the children back is the right choice for their well-being, although possibly not mine!
My next point of reference is mid July when term ends but the future after that? Who knows.
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Re: The C word!
by sevy1 • Sun 28 Jun 2020 15:15
Hooray!! The quarantine is over and we are crossing on Friday. We would normally fly and hire a car but this time we are travelling on the Eurotunnel.
Last time we were at the house was at the end of March. We were on the last flight out of Limoges. It was weird only about 30 passengers on the plane. Due to fly again in September.
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Re: The C word!
by charlie • Tue 30 Jun 2020 20:04
We arrived a week ago and have stayed at home except for dog walking and one shopping trip. Our grass cutting man dropped in to check we were alright followed by our French farmer's wife who was delighted to see us.
The drive down from the tunnel was uneventful though I wasted half an hour by getting lost on the West side of Paris. Stops at the various aires were safe and simple. Toilets were open and some food and drink could be bought but no restaurant facilities were open in the larger Aires. Traffic was unsurprisingly light.
We had printed out the latest forms declaring we would did not have any Covid19 type problems. Nobody looked at them. The French passport control agent asked where we were going.
Very pleased to be here! Good luck everyone with your trips.
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