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Numerous Properties For Sale
by Dave • Wed 15 Jan 2020 17:56
I've started to notice a lot a of properties for sale in almost every town I visit in Creuse. Even just driving though on the main road I often see 3 or 4 for sale in most places. This definitely seems like it is increasing, especially in the northern half of the department. I picked up a copy of the local Notaires magazine and the prices there do seem to reflect this trend. The cheapest is mid-terrace house for sale in Fresselines for €16,800 included all fees and there a plenty under 50K. Prices in the south and around Guéret are higher but still good value.

If you've been considering buying in Creuse then you'll have a good selection to choose from I think.

If you're currently selling, I hope all goes well.
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