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The racing circuit at Mas Du Clos?
by LeHobbit • Sat 22 Jul 2017 13:24
Hello everyone.

We have been searching for a property in Creuse for nearly a year now and have recently moved into a rental property on the edge of south Creuse at Nedde in the Haute Vienne, so we can be closer to the area we want to be.

Earlier this week we viewed an amazing isolated property south of Mautes . The house is perfect for our needs and has lovely surrounding land of around a hectare. It's a full renovation but having done a full renovation in Charente, we are up to the challenge. We have had our offer accepted on the property (private sale) and are sorting out things through the notaire.

We have been searching a long time for a house that offers peace, solitude and rural tranquility. We have been doing research on the surrounding area and have discovered that there is/was a motor racing circuit "Mas Du Clos" only 5km as the crow flies from the property we intend to buy. This has set alarm bells ringing as we were not aware there was even a motor racing circuit in Creuse of all places!! We are no fans of motorsport and can only imagine how far the sound travels in the quiet of the Creuse countryside.

We have been trying to do some online research and have discovered that the tarmac race circuit was closed in 2010 due to noise pollution/H&S issues?

We have also found a Facebook page for Mas Du Clos which appears to indicate that they have invested in a new gravel surfaced track adjacent to the old one. From the comments it appears they plan to reopen the circuit?

When we lived temporarily in North Kent with my partners Mum, her house was only 5km (coincidentally) from Brands Hatch. Despite a lot more background noise (traffic, trains, people, general hum of a busy village) we were clearly able to hear motorsport events at Brands Hatch. Monster Trucks were the worst!!

This has really made us think again about whether or not we should go for this property. We wish to have a couple of eco yurts on the land for guests, so we want it to be quiet and tranquil.

Does anyone on here live close to this circuit and can you tell us what is happening there? Has it or is it about to reopen? Do they have a license for motorsport events? Who can we ask for official information as to what is happening or what is planned for the circuit?

Any advice would be greatly received.
Aug 2015
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