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Lonely beagle in France
by edmoraz • Thu 16 Jun 2016 11:41
Before we moved to France in April we took out friendly beagle Millie to dog parks in the uk so she could mix with other dogs but because she is a beagle and has little control over herself once she gets on a scent, any scent, we had to make sure these areas were secure. I was wondering if there was anything like this in the creuse as she isn't getting the exercise her little legs require as she loves to run and play. :D
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Re: Lonely beagle in France
by Dave • Wed 31 Aug 2016 13:09
I don't think there are any enclosed parks for dogs to run about. Perhaps there is a dog agility class that you could go to. When we lived in Brussels we took our dog to one and it was a great place to mix with other dogs and have a bunch of exercise (although the first time we when and let him off the lead, he just run around the entire arena at full blast several times which was funny but left us a bit red-faced).

In the Creuse we used to go on organised walks with a local rambling club and many members had dogs so we all got exercise and mixed with the locals.
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