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Our dog has died suddenly
by Annik • Wed 25 Nov 2015 12:05
Friends in France may remember our lovely red and white Collie, Barney, who is depicted on my avatar. He was bright, intelligent and healthy and loved the Creuse. Just over a week ago at the age of about nine years he was suddenly struck down and we thought he'd been poisoned. In a matter of hours he was tetraplegic and having seizures. The vets tried everything but in the end we decided he had nil quality of life and no hope of recovery so we had him put to sleep. We don't know the cause exactly but the medics think he may have had a brain tumour.

We've had dogs for 44 years and suddenly there was a big dog-shaped hole in our lives. A few days later, after searching the internet for rescue dogs available for adoption in the North West, West Midlands and North Wales, we went back to the horse rescue near Caernarvon where we had found Barney seven years ago and adopted a sweet mongrel called Mylo (pictured below), whose boss is in prison and who was deemed to have been abandoned. He's a doggy teenager and a delight.

We hope he will be equally happy in the Creuse. But I will keep Barney as my avatar.
"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. (Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.)" Groucho Marx
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Re: Our dog has died suddenly
by Dave • Wed 25 Nov 2015 12:27
I'm very sorry to hear about Barney (great dog name that).

Mylo looks like a character and like a dog that would enjoy the run of la Creuse.
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