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tax forms
by enzo • Wed 07 May 2014 16:11
can any one tell me which forms we have to fill in? I know we have to fill in 2 forms we receive a pension from my husbands last job, we are under retirement age but do not work, we have registered and the lady at the tax office filled in our forms but we didn't get to see the form headings. and finally can we get the forms from the tressor public? thank you :oops:
Jun 2011
Re: tax forms
by fishsw • Thu 08 May 2014 19:42
You will need at least 2 forms - 2042 which is the main tax form. For any income received in the UK you will also need to fill in 2047. The Connexion (English language monthly paper ) has produced a very helpful guide to filling in tax forms - you have to pay for it but is worth it if you have never filled in forms before. They advise for 2013 a currency conversion rate of 1.1775 euro to £1. Check it out on http://www.connexionfrance.com. I have also found the local tax office (Centre des Finances Publiques)helpful if you have specific queries.
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Apr 2010
Re: tax forms
by enzo • Fri 09 May 2014 10:03
many thanks for the info
Jun 2011
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