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Architect - Permis de Construire?
by CaroleandClive • Fri 17 Jan 2014 16:35
Hello there

I wonder if anyone can help. I need to find an architect who will help me to prepare the RT2012 as I understand it. Since all the changes in regulations, I understand from my friend, who is both French and an immobilier that it is very complicated, and it was his suggestion that I get help from an Architect, not to prepare the plans, which I have done, but perhaps modify and get them passed for me.

My total calculated <<surfaces de plancher>> is less than 170 m 2 and it apppears that this term has replaced SHOB and SHON in method of calculation.

However, despite contacting architects I seem to have drawn a blank thus far.

Does anyone know or can recommend an architect who may be able to help please? I do speak French reasonably well, but this is a nightmare! Just wish we'd been in a position to get this done prior to all the changes in January 2012, but there we are.

I'd be really grateful for your help. PM me if you like.

with kind regards
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Re: Architect - Permis de Construire?
by RobertArthur • Sat 18 Jan 2014 09:38
On another forum I tried to answer the same question about this RT 2012 issue. Not being an architect I tried to get some information from those who are supposed to know much more about this subject than I do. It appears to be a rather complicated piece of legislation. So the only thing I can do here is to give some useful links, background information. Reading this stuff is quite a challenge.

It all starts with the simple request in this form, one of the many for your permis de construire:

1) PCMI14-1. Le formulaire attestant la prise en compte de la réglementation thermique [Art.
R. 431-16 i) du code de l’urbanisme]1 exemplaire par dossier

2) More about this form on this website.

3) Several specialised consultancy/engineering firms trying to decode the complex regulations, like this one.

4) Promotelec published this special in their series "Fil pilote". There should be a "Tome 2", but didn't find it yet on the internet. Promotelec's info used to be for free, but the tendency is to let you pay for even a few pages of info, so perhaps for sale in their internet library.

5) Reading French not being a problem this Promotelec text goes deep down in more technicalities. Cahier des prescriptions techniques: definitely not easy reading.

6) In the construction industry there are mixed feelings. Although the intentions are good, the Grenelle de l'environnement did underestimate the practical consequences of these new regs. Those trying to renovate existing buildings are sometimes a little bit desperate: une réglementation qui freine la rénovation.


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