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Tree Cutting
by hilaryhedgehog • Thu 04 Jul 2013 14:02
We have just moved into our new/old house near Le Compeix and part of the purchase is a small forest at the back of the house. DOes anyone know who I can contact to get some of the trees cut down - the pines which make it very dark. The previous owner only managed to get quotes from people wanting the indigenous trees. And is it true that the use of pine in woodburners is not a good idea?
Jul 2013
Re: Tree Cutting
by SIMON • Thu 04 Jul 2013 14:06
sorry to say but burning pine in a house room heater is not a could idea, yes it will give of heat but unfortunately pine contains a highly flammable chemical creosote which when cools down in your chimney raises the chance of a chimney fire.
Jan 2013
Re: Tree Cutting
by virtdave • Thu 04 Jul 2013 18:17
I needed a big lime tree trimmed earlier this year, and settled on Jon Farmer, trickytrees@gmail.com , who did a competent job. He's based up north of Guéret, but came down to our place with no problem.
As far as pine as firewood, it's not optimal, but how much creosote it produces depends to a large degree on the efficiency of your woodstove. Here in France, I use mostly oak (tho I now have a pretty good supply of linden, once it seasons), but in California I do burn fir without any problem...If your woodstove/fireplace is of modern design, it should burn fairly cleanly--you might ask the store that sold you the stove (if you can) what they think.
In any case one should get the chimney swept at least every other year--we have ours done yearly.
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Sep 2008
Re: Tree Cutting
by Jeanne • Fri 04 Jul 2014 11:59
The most professional and experienced in this area I have found to be Nick Jackson 05 55 62 19 70. He is always very busy. He is in area 23220.

And I would definitely advise against using pine having had a chimney fire caused by pine. Its scary how it burns for up to 24 hours after you have scooped it out of the fireplace! Never again.
Jun 2010
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