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Nordnet or Viveole Satellite Broadband
by Lynn • Sun 14 Mar 2010 23:18
I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of either of these systems?
We don't appear to have any chance of getting ordinary broadband in our area for the foreseeable future and have read about these systems which seem much the same and so wondered if anyone else was using either of them or had any other suggestions for solving this problem?
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Re: Nordnet or Viveole Satellite Broadband
by rictel • Mon 15 Mar 2010 20:51
Hi Lynn,

We have been using Nordnet satellite Broadband for about 6 months & are very happy with it, we too had no chance of getting ADSL as we are too far from the nearest exchange. The system works very well although you are unlikely to get the 2mb speed quoted. ours runs at between .5 & 1.5 mb dependant, I guess, on the amount of people using the system. Before on dial up we did well to get 40kbps. The kit comes with a satelitte finder & compass & full instructions ( in French ). The main thing is that you have line of site to the satellite, if you have a working skydish you should be ok as it's just a few degrees off from that direction. If there's any other question I can help you with feel free to PM.

best wishes,
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Re: Nordnet or Viveole Satellite Broadband
by danb • Mon 11 Jul 2011 19:17
I have been a Nordnet subscriber for a couple of years now. Nordnet and Viveole are both French distributors for Astra Connect who actually run the service, so the technology, kit, etc. are pretty much the same - though Nordnet seem to provide a bit more for the same price and in my experience better customer service (I initially tried to sign up with Viveole and gave up!). The service is pretty reliable, speed is nominally 6mb but in practice more like 2mb most of the time. But vastly better than the old dial-up we had to use before.

To be aware that if you choose the 'Tete TV' option you can also receive Sky/Freesat off the same dish - an option well worth taking even if you don't want it right now.

Any Q's feel free to email me at bernard.dan@nordnet.fr
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Jul 2011
Re: Nordnet or Viveole Satellite Broadband
by blaudeix • Tue 12 Jul 2011 12:32
There is also sat2way that was pointed out to me last week.
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