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Electric meter
by rimorsailor • Sat 19 Apr 2008 09:54

:) Hi everyone

can anyone tell me where I can buy, or rent, an electric meter? and is either of these possible?
We have put a electric supply through to the barn and would like to know how much electric is being used.
thanks in advance :)

Mar 2008
Re: Electric meter
by Dave • Thu 24 Apr 2008 15:48

Yes, you can hire or buy a meter (like the one EDF uses from any major electrical distributor - e.g. Rexel in Guéret (24 rue Gambetta).

If you just want to meter usage on one circuit then you can buy a number of differ (and much cheaper) devices to wire into your switch box. Any distributor will give you a old component book to look though if you ask.

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Re: Electric meter
by GARRY • Sun 15 Mar 2009 07:11

i currently(no pun intended) have a house with the old style electric system.
the description is:

mains come into the house to the 2 house service fuses (45A) in a grey box owned by EDF(security wired) then it goes to the "wheel style" black meter and then to a main cut off/trip switch.
My question is:
Is the old style black cut off switch an early type of "dispositif différentiel"?
What i have at the moment is the above old style meter/switch arrangement etc this i have supplying a consumer unit with the various fused curcuits comming off that, should i include a new style "dispositif différentiel 40A/30mA-230V-type AC"into the consumer unit irrespective of the old main/trip switch.
And if i supplied my electrical requirements would somebody be able to give me a shopping list of what i would require and a very basic description on wiring it up i am willing to pay for this service, i am very compitent on connecting/running the wiring i also know the regulations with regards to the wiring and what to use just a bit confused with the consumer unit side of things

thank you

Mar 2009
Re: Electric meter
by Isabel • Sun 15 Mar 2009 22:54


The electrician that we use is happy to offer an advice only service to customers. He's in the north creuse area. PM me if you'd like his details.


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Re: Electric meter
by RobertArthur • Mon 16 Mar 2009 07:21


Your old style black cut off switch is probably not up to date. These switches - in French: disjoncteur de branchement - come nowadays in grey/vanilla coloured boxes. They perform 3 functions: 1) manual cut off; 2) earth leak breaker, 500 milliAmps, 650 milliamps for the old black switches and 3) short circuit/overload protection surcharge (thermal). With 3 square buttons: white to test the earth leak trip current, black and red for on/off. Or a rotary type of switch + a white or blue test button. You get your EDF electricity in different powers: 3 kVa, 6kVa, 9 kVa and upwards (trip currents: 15, 30 and 45 Amps etc.). Above 18kVa you get a triphasé connection to the power grid, instead of monophasé. The EDF sets the overload trip current accordingly.

If you want to live up to the requirements as laid down in the so called NF C 15-100 electricity regulations you'll need additional earth leakage circuit breakers - interrupteurs différentiel - with a trip current of 30 milliAmps. These feed, in your tableau électrique the circuit breakers. Either of the automatic variety disjoncteurs or equipped with tiny fuses in different sizes coupe circuits.

I don't know how fluent you speak the French language (I'm from Amsterdam, by the way, avec une maison sécundaire, not a native French speaker), but there are some excellent papers with almost self explaining illustrations, on the French websites of Hager and Schneider. Or download their more detailed Norme NF C 15-00 Guide 2009.

Being here for the first time, I hope I managed to get the url's in.

Other websites to visit are the commercial site of LeroyMerlin, with a lot of faqs and very good instruction video's, the semi-official site of Promotelec, and the Volta site. Do you want to install a brand new tableau électrique? Have a look at this video (you need Adobe Flash player to see it). And other very nice instruction video's on this site.

And if you want to get a quick impression of the different components in the French home electricity system, and the regulations, take a look at this. I'm afraid that only the included pictures will be of any help, because I wrote this short introduction in Dutch. Sorry.

For more details take a look at the lay-out, including shopping list (table des matières) for a pavillion de 250m2. Or back to the drawing board with two pictures of the diagram for 100m2 of surface. This is an example of a triphasé connection. You have to download them, télécharger.

Kind regards,


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Mar 2009
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