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Bored with the changes in the Creuse?
by Jeanne • Sat 19 Nov 2016 19:23
For six years I have found life in the Creuse to be quite good, with a very active French social life, which did include a lot of travel to La Châtre and the surrounding areas, but during the past two years+; the social events seem to have been drying up considerably. Once upon a time the weekend's were "which one shall we go to" now they are "oh no, not another weekend where we have to travel an hour and a half".

I really feel the need to move to the area in the north east of France, between L'Orient; St Malo, Rennes, Nantes to find life again.

Has anyone else noticed this? Or are you all happy with the solitude of the Creuse? Even though I participe on the village Comité des Fêtes it has reduced from four events to one, simply because there is a core group of people and when someone drops out no-one replaces them.

So if anyone has a maison secondaire in those areas, I think I would be well up for a swap :-D :-D
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Re: Bored with the changes in the Creuse?
by Dave • Thu 24 Nov 2016 11:40
I am happy with the quiet life tbh. The Creuse isn't a good choice if you want full diary of social events, although in the summer there are still a fair few things going on locally with many villages having fêtes, dances and dinners. I think though that there has been a reduction of these slowly over the years and that may be due, as you say, to organisers retiring or dying and young folks not being interested in replacing them.

You seem to be more interested in things that you do rather than in where you live and so it does seem to make more sense to live locally to the events that you wish to attend, esp. if you are currently travelling a long way - it would probably save a lot of time and money if you simply sold up and moved closer because you'd soon recoup the cost of moving by not travelling and also you'd be able to live the life you desire and have a filled social calendar. Perhaps renting something there might also be an option?

tbh it is the opposite for me. I love Creuse because it is quiet and rural and empty of people and the social engagements that go with them.
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Re: Bored with the changes in the Creuse?
by David_J • Thu 24 Nov 2016 12:06
Totally agree with you Dave
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Re: Bored with the changes in the Creuse?
by Jeanne • Sat 26 Nov 2016 12:51
My question really was had anyone else noticed it, but it seems that people on here do not appear to go out much at all?

I was not really talking about it being quiet but the way that the amount of social events have reduced in the Creuse. I think you can be rural but still have a life. Some of the events I have been to have French of 80 and 90 years old who still enjoy a good night out till 4 in the morning. I will say its rare to find any English lasting much beyond midnight unfortunately. One of my dance groups has French in their 70s who could put a lot of youngsters to shame with their ability to dance six hours at a time. :woot:

Without some social events the Creuse risks dying out completely.

We would move if we weren't working but clients, are mostly in the south of the Creuse and not really up for starting up another client base from 0 again, as we do not even need to advertise.

For now, we are stuck here and spending weekends when we can afford it in the areas that have more to do.

Thanks for the response though. Perhaps we can win the lottery and get away :-D :-D
Jun 2010
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