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French drivers omg !
by edmoraz • Sat 05 Apr 2014 17:36
Why do they drive in the middle of the road only moving over at the last second, why do the overtake on the brow of a hill or on a blind bend and why to they stop on traffic islands to let people on.
We dont have French tv but do they not have public information programs to advise them or do they just get killed in their droves. I think their driving is getting worse 8O 8O .
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Feb 2008
Re: French drivers omg !
by SIMON • Sat 05 Apr 2014 18:46
didn't you know the French think they are the best in the world at everything and especially driving, they are nearly as good as the Italians. as for us poor Brits we know we are the best at what ever we do especially careful considered driving.
Jan 2013
Re: French drivers omg !
by rictel • Sat 05 Apr 2014 21:41
Yep, you've got to be carefull out there !! Treat every other driver as an idiot & expect them to do something daft. ( Probably good whichever country you drive in ). On the brighter side, if you do happen to be involved in a accident with one they are quite likely to be legally insured , sadly not the case in the UK now.
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Dec 2007
Re: French drivers omg !
by virtdave • Sat 05 Apr 2014 21:55
and those silly Frenchies do drive on the wrong side of the road....

This article suggests there are worse places than France to drive.
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Sep 2008
Re: French drivers omg !
by Annik • Mon 07 Apr 2014 20:52
Looks like there are some real places to avoid there, especially Albania: and I thought France, Greece and Malta were bad. Actually, I think French drivers have improved a bit over the years, but they all think they are immortal.

The straight and hilly non-dual carriageway N145 in the olden days was quite terrifying. We've seen more accidents on there than any other road. An elderly neighbour said there was someone killed on it every day, though I don't know what particular stretch he was talking about. I must confess it's the tailgating that scares me, and the putting-on of selt belts at full speed while there are no hands on the steering wheel at all, and no eyes on the road...

We have one 75-year-old lady friend who drives like Stirling Moss and initially scared the pants off me when I was her helpless passenger, but now I have decided that she is actuially rather good at it and should have gone in for rallying. Maybe she did when she was young.
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Jun 2007
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