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Pyramid largest in the world - location - Europe!
by beetle • Wed 17 Oct 2012 18:31
At school(a very long time ago)they told us the roots of civilisation began in Egypt, with the pyramids. I am of the opinion both now and then, this statement is wrong.

Today the largest pyramid in the world is situated in Bosnia. Ground breaking news you would think but how many people do you know, that have heard of this? Very few, why?

Egypt 50 billion dollars a year from tourism.
Academia, careers,pensions,books,university courses, students (bums on seats) - don't rock the boat we are on to a nice comfortable earner here!

I think this gentleman below deserves a medal for services to humanity. His lecture explains all:-

Dr Sam Osmanagich: Bosnian Pyramids PART 1
If you never find what you seek, you never wanted it badly enough in the first place.
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Re: Pyramid largest in the world - location - Europe!
by Dave • Thu 18 Oct 2012 11:35
I think it's easy to read to much into this. A pyramid is just the most efficient and stable shape to build a tall structure with smaller blocks so it doesn't seem strange to me that they are found all over the world. Even today most tall buildings are pyramids (all be it thin ones with the top cut off).

BTW $50bn dollars is a year is not accurate, it's more like $10bn to $12bn and fell last year to around $9bn, but there is no doubt that tourism revenue is worth a lot to their economy.

It's also well worth a visit and there is much more to see than stacked rocks.
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Re: Pyramid largest in the world - location - Europe!
by Jeanne • Thu 18 Oct 2012 13:57
I only watched some of it but its like all things like this. Its a matter of opinion, like those who believe it was spacemen who built these and not aided by early astronomers; etc. All is based on engineering skills.

Egypt is so brilliant to visit it is probably the only place in the world I would be happy to go back to, despite it being filthy. It holds a certain magic and is quite easy to access.

I hate museums but I spent hours at the one in Cairo. Its not just the pyramids, its the artefacts and of course not forgetting a few decent hotels where you can get a good sun tan too.

Many of the other locations would be too expensive to get to and not having anything else but the pile of rocks. Even if the countries cleaned up these pyramids I would imagine it would only attract backpackers which doesnt exactly bring in megabucks to cover the excavation.

Interesting though but I didnt really have muchfaith in his speeches.
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Re: Pyramid largest in the world - location - Europe!
by beetle • Fri 19 Oct 2012 12:30
I know his message is a bit hard to accept and it is lenghty. But and this is a big but, what if he is right?
Of course it's Napoleon's fault for starting all of this with his scientific expedition to Egypt.
Ignore the spacemen they are always trying to get in on the act. But what if ? There's that but again!
A few years ago the papers ran a story about a triangular dark object buzzing a comercial airliner in British skies. How dare they!
Today we call it a stealth bomber. Secret weapons remain secret or the other side builds a bigger better secret weapon to top yours.
By telling that little story I mean to say keep an open mind, the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.
In Bosnia there is an opportunity for many different diverse organisations to investigate and contribute. Try and obtain permission to do that in Egypt.
I too find the Cairo museum interesting but most likely for alternative reasons.
Look at it this way man's greatest achievement - the wheel. Most of the pollution problems of today can be traced back to this invention.
Our society is money driven, resources are finite. One day these resources will be exhausted.
But what if there is an alternative source of energy only we choose to ignore it.
Pyramids are not office blocks nor random piles of rocks.
Ouch! Hit my head again. Granite is not very soft is it!
Ponder this:-

Chris Dunn Interviewed by Peggy Sue Skipper Part II
If you never find what you seek, you never wanted it badly enough in the first place.
Dec 2007
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