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Campervan/Motorhome free stopovers
by beetle • Fri 28 Sep 2012 17:15
We are at present restoring our 1971 VW Type2 Camper van, ho ho - ha ha - hee hee - hum hum, yes we must be mad the piggy bank is being eaten away faster than the rust bug did the van. But with so many fond memories of our/dogs adventures in her over the last ten years, letting her rot away was not an option!

So next year all being well she will travel the roads of France again and taking the slow road try out some of the sites listed on France Passion
If you never find what you seek, you never wanted it badly enough in the first place.
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Re: Campervan/Motorhome free stopovers
by dissid32 • Fri 28 Sep 2012 21:02
France Passion sounds lovely at first skim through. And free!!! Then I started to think: when I used to go camping in a Toyota equivalent of a VW what I looked for in a camp site were loos, showers, washing-up place, possibly electricity, drinking water etc. All of these appear to be excluded from France Passion sites, which makes them only really suitable for the enormous motorhomes of nowadays, where everything, including the kitchen sink, is built in.
Do you have any experience of the France Passion sites? How do you go on for the above mentioned facilities? I'm not just trying to pour cold water on what sounds like a lovely idea, believe me. I'm genuinly interested to know, because I now have a VW camper, a bit younger than yours (1985), but basically the same thing.
I'd also be interested to know how you tackle the rust. I've got some of that too, and I'm not sure how to go about it.
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Re: Campervan/Motorhome free stopovers
by beetle • Fri 05 Oct 2012 18:25
Do you know I had not given much thought to loo's and showers but I have it on good report that some sites do have the basics or are very obliging. Yes we have not visited any sites yet. That eperience has yet to come. With our previous VW camper over the years, we toured most of the coast from Calais down to La Rochelle, stopped where ever it seemed safe to do so and mixed this with offical campsites too. A porta pottie is a useful accessory.

Rust - Those little raised bubbles of paint can prove to be only the tip of the iceberg. Attack them with a small hammer and it is surprising how much of what seemed to be solid metal ends up as sweepings in a plastic bag. This is what I did and the main areas of concern are:-
Front chassis and outriggers which collect all the muck.
Front vallence inner and outer.
The area at the base of the windscreen (rots away on the inside - condensation)
Front seat belt mountings (reinforcing plate - natural accelerator for rust).
Outer sills.
Window lip above sliding door hinge cover.
Rear bottom quarters.
Battery tray.
Bottoms of the doors.

Handy tip to avoid your pride and joy going up in flames replace all the fuel lines with armoured hose - the originals one's perish/split especially the one under the van above the heat exchanger.

Minor rust can be sanded down treted with a rust nuturaliser and filled with plastic metal. Finishing of with a spray of paint and blended in.
I will try and put some gory pictures together of our phoenix rising asap.
If you never find what you seek, you never wanted it badly enough in the first place.
Dec 2007
Re: Campervan/Motorhome free stopovers
by beetle • Tue 16 Oct 2012 18:57
As usual these days time is short,so Pic's of our van must wait. Mind you the van is becoming a bit a Grand Design and soon the voiceover we come out with "quite frankly with their budget I do not see how they are going to achieve it!"

Now we have to decide what the best interior will suit us and there are a lot of options to consider.

If you are interested in the whole campervan experience this BBC program is worth watching
One Man and His Campervan Devon part 1

Forgot to mention another reason campervans catch on fire - in the two air intakes on the side of the van are fuel condensation tubes (they condensate fuel vapour from the centrally located fuel tank). Fuel drains back to the carburetor via a small T-piece joining both air intake tubes to the carb. People tend to change the carb and leave the T unconected. Free vapour in the engine bay ignites Woosh!
If you never find what you seek, you never wanted it badly enough in the first place.
Dec 2007
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