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Car repairs
by VicH • Tue 13 Jan 2009 17:59
I decided to buy a French car when I needed to replace my old van, so I bought a 2nd hand RHD Renault Scenic in England. We have done 18000 miles together but then it decided to play up so I took it to a Renault dealer as they have the gear to diagnose faults. I thought it would only be a simple fault but it has turned into a major repair and very expensive. My question is - does anybody know from experience if French dealerships are cheaper than their English counterparts for repairs, or are they about the same?
Sep 2005
Re: Car repairs
by cinqpoules • Tue 13 Jan 2009 18:22
Hi VicH

Not sure about hourly garage rates but we have compared a few parts for our renault scenic recently and they were about the same UK and France. Although when we were replacing headlamps in our RH car, the part was cheaper in France. Maybe depends on which bit you are buying so worth researching beforehand.

For second hand parts there's a big breaker just north of Gueret if that's anywhere near you.
Nov 2008
Re: Car repairs
by edmoraz • Wed 14 Jan 2009 10:00
Being of the unlucky type, we have had a fault on with our Puegeot 406 on our last 3 visits to France (its being repaired as we speak) and we have found the Puegeot dealer in Gueret reliable fast and very reasonable in fact the OH says its a lot cheaper than going to a main dealer in the UK.If only the car was as reliable as the dealer!
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Feb 2008
Re: Car repairs
by amandaandclint • Wed 14 Jan 2009 10:27
I would agree with Edmoraz
We have used Peugeot in Gueret quite a few times now and they have been great every time.
We last used them when the window cable went on our old landrover. The LR dealer in montlucon wanted to chanre 490 euros. The Peogeut place in Gueret did it all for 180 euros.

Obviously, you would have to look into exchange rates etc if you wanted to compair UK and French costs but when you are here and need a repair, try the place in Gueret. Its only Monday to Friday as Saturday is sales only.
Feb 2007
Re: Car repairs
by Zebedee • Thu 15 Jan 2009 23:18
It was cheaper to get a new clutch for the mitsubishi in Gueret than in UK. Although they were very slow getting the part (it is an 11year old car and didn't have the modern style of serial number so took nearly 3 weeks) we were able to see what was going on as they kept inviting us into the working area in the garage. Didn't mean much to me though - guess that's why I'm not a mechanic!
Jul 2008
Re: Car repairs
by The_Melting_Snowman • Fri 20 Feb 2009 10:29
Dealer rates tend to be lower than UK as land / property is cheaper.

I wonder what has gone wrong with the Scenic...

We had a 2004 Megane diesel. We don't have it anymore. You can fill in the gap in between... :evil:
Re: Car repairs
by lestroisours • Mon 23 Feb 2009 09:03
Having purchased a citreon berlingo in the UK from New in 2003, I brought it over, and have kept it serviced at a citreon dealer. I found it expensive, but it was expensive in the UK. I have now taken to sourcing the parts myself and using my lcal artisan garagiste. A wheel bearing began to grumble on the front left. I sourced a pair of new bearings on Ebay for 59€, and got the one bearing changed for 56€, which was very reasonable. I sourced and changed both front discs and pads myself for 90€. Both of those jobs would have been in excess of €200 each at Citroen. OK so I'm handy with a spanner, but some jobs like the main belt - the next job, I will leave to the garage, but I will source the belt myself. It will be at least half the price. Companies like Mister-Auto on the internet are very good, but you need to be sure of your part numbers.
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Oct 2007
Re: Car repairs
by dissid32 • Fri 27 Feb 2009 12:08
Hi lestroisours

How does one find out part numbers?

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Feb 2006
Re: Car repairs
by lestroisours • Fri 27 Feb 2009 17:02
Good question. Some websites take your VIN number to determine the part, but then expect you to buy from them. It is particularly difficult when the Berlingo such as I have although purchased in a british market, was manufactured on a production line in Spain making Peugeot Partners as well.

When I changed my brake disc, I initialled order the wrong ones, they were thicker than mine. But second time around they were fine. I ordered a Haynes Manual from Amazon.fr (yes - english books section), which helped enormously.

Wheel bearings are usually for a range of cars, such as mine, A broad range of larger citroen vehicles, such as xantia and C4.

Citroen for example are also quite helpful when you take a VIN number into them and enquire for a Devis. Verify the part, then suck the air over your teeth and say "trop cher!", and leave.

Google a search for your vehicle and refine it. Sites like Mister-auto are quite good, but it pays to check yourself like what I didn't!!
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Oct 2007
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