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Speeding UK drivers - Big Brother is out to get you!
by beetle • Wed 08 Oct 2008 21:08
It is reported in the press France's Transport Minister Dominique Bussereau is proposing an EU wide scheme for the exchange of number plate information, which will enable the imposition of penalty points and levying of fines.
It is also stated half a million Britons are flashed for speeding each year in the EU.

As we travel back to the ports, you cannot help to notice how the majority of cars speeding are registered in Britain.

On the last return trip could not help noticing what appeared to be two Police motorbikes but their uniforms were grey? ( A case of mistaken identity?)
At the next Peage, ordinary Police were checking car numbers as you drove through?
I have heard they carryout average speed checks between Peage points and you can be pulled over and fined if your average speed is above the limit. (It happened to a friend of mine or I should say, the bus he was passenger in)

We also observed the results of speeding whilst towing a caravan. It was a windy day and just where the motorway crested the brow of a hill the wind must have got under the van and it took off flipping the car. The emergency services were clearing up the mess a we passed by - there was not a part of the car undamaged and there were children seats in the back too.

Perhaps this proposal is not a bad idea!
I do hope they got through it just badly shaken.
Dec 2007
Re: Speeding UK drivers - Big Brother,s out to get you !
by tomdenne • Wed 08 Oct 2008 23:59
Forty five years ago I wouldn't have liked this proposal but now I do. Must be a sign of getting older.

Strange how perceptions change with time. :roll: Confession... I have always considered anyone going more slowly is a menace and anyone going faster is a maniac whilst I, of course, drive perfectly.

It's just that now I generally find the speed limits pretty reasonable!

Cheers, Tom
Jan 2008
Re: Speeding UK drivers - Big Brother,s out to get you !
by Lynn • Thu 09 Oct 2008 20:41
Think my views coincide with yours, Tom, The pace of life is so laidback here that I find generally I don't care any more how slowly I go!!!
That said, there are a few drivers who wander all over the road and that's before lunch and they drive at about 20mph too! Maybe that's pushing it a bit! :-(
One sure thing, if you don't speed, you won't get caught by the cameras or the gendarmes!!! :-)
Happy driving!
Apr 2008
Re: Speeding UK drivers - Big Brother,s out to get you !
by amandaandclint • Fri 10 Oct 2008 11:01
If it means less accidents then they should do all they can to reduce speeding.

I agree that when driving up to Calais the speeding cars are mostly UK registered...

But if you remember to take a look when you are on the otherside of the water when you drive in the UK, it will be all the French, Dutch and Polish that are zooming past and not taking any notice of the speed limits.

So, although I am not wishing to point the finger, its not just the brits that do this.

With the relevant authorities sharing information this will certainly be reduced when fines can be dished out etc and hopefully it will make the roads a bit safer....

... only time will tell.

Feb 2007
Re: Speeding UK drivers - Big Brother is out to get you!
by beetle • Sun 26 Oct 2008 16:01
You could of course see this as lost revenue.
Half a million speeders at 68 Euros (lowest fine) brings in 34,000,000 eruo's if paid within 45 days; over 45 days returns 225,000,000 euro's.
I think the E.U. may see this as incentive enough.

Info - Tarrifs for speeding in France over the limit

Paid within 45 days
-20kph non-res area = 68€
+20kph Res area = 135€
20 - 29kph = 135€
30 - 39kph = 135€
40 - 49kph = 135€
Over 50kph = 1500€

Paid after 45 days
-20kph non-res area = 450€
+20kph Res area = 750€
20 - 29kph = 750€
30 - 39kph = 750€
40 - 49kph = 750€
Over 50kph = 1500€

Penalty points
-20kph non-res area = 1
+20kph Res area = 1
20 - 29kph = 2
30 - 39kph = 3
40 - 49kph = 4
Over 50kph = 6

3-4 Licence suspended 3 years + special driving lessons reqd
6 As above, + vehicle siezed and not returned.

Rate reduced if paid within 15 days.

Tabac purchase 'timbre amende' stick to form and return to address on form.
Cheque payable to Tresor public and return to address shown on form.
Telephone (Tel 0820 11 10 10, 0.12€ TTC per minuite, by credit card quoting number on form.
Internet (http://www.amendesgouv.fr)credit card quoting number on form.
Dec 2007
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