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Small Ads: Posting Rules
by Dave • Sat 28 Aug 2004 10:21
  1. Items must be located in La Creuse (23) or the departments surrounding it (Haute-Vienne 87, Indre 36, Cher 18, Allier 03, Puy-de-Dome 63 and Correze 19). You must add your department number to the advert if not in the Creuse.
  2. Do not advertise or promote anything illegal.
  3. Do not post more than six adverts that are running at the same time.
  4. All commercial posting is forbidden, this includes estate agent postings, site links, things that you have bought, made or grown to sell and any services you provide for a fee.
  5. Do not include more than four pictures per ad (1024 x 768 pixels max). Each image must be less than 256 Kb.
  6. Do not post more than one advert for the same item.
  7. Put the name of the item in the title and add the price if you wish.
Adverts that do not follow these rules may be deleted.

Adverts are automatically deleted six months after the last post in that thread.
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