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Well water
by Ricardo • Wed 05 Jul 2017 07:28
I have recently uncovered a well situated on my property. On sampling the water I have found it to be clear, but I am uncertain as to the uses it can be put as a consequence of not knowing its chemical and bacterial composition. I know that I can get it tested and that the local testing laboratories are centred in Ajain, however does anyone know the likely cost of such an analysis?
Jul 2009
Re: Well water
by LeDolly • Wed 05 Jul 2017 08:52
We also have a well, the water from which is used for the WC's, washing machine, dishwasher, fed through the boiler for all hot water and heating and also for watering the garden. We had ours tested at the lab in La Souterraine and I do not remember it costing more than pennies.
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Jun 2017
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