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Broadband recommendations North Creuse
by kevcreuse • Tue 29 Sep 2015 09:52
Hi everyone,

I am looking to install a permanent line very soon and wish to try and get hold of the best combination for broadband.

I am not bothered about tv at all and the phone will not actually be used very much at all either as all chats will probably be over the broadband connection.

I guess speed will be limited to what ever it is locally but looking for an unlimited download package.

Based just along from Nouziers, does anyone nearby have a fibre connection? Anyone know the nearest exchange box?

Just wondered what people currently have with regard to approximate monthly costs, provider and general level of service you get.

I cant check speeds available as there is no phone line.

Very many thanks in advance

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Re: Broadband recommendations North Creuse
by Deleted User 1427 • Tue 29 Sep 2015 11:18
We have orange, unlimited calls and download. We are however in an area with low speeds, we are very close to the exchange but it is limited into the village

Try ariase.com for details about your broadband options.
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Re: Broadband recommendations North Creuse
by rictel • Tue 29 Sep 2015 20:11
Our telephone is connected via the exchange in Nouziers but apparently there is almost 7km of cable between them & us so we can't get broadband through the telephone line, dial up only, so have opted for satelite internet. If you are closer to the exchange you may not have any problem but maybe have a word with your neighbours to see who they are with & what the service is like.

One thing to bear in mind is that your telephone line is provided by France Telecom ( Orange ) & if you have a problem they seem to give Orange customers priority. I know of two families here who both changed to SFR & when they had a problem on the line had to wait for ages for repair while SFR & Orange kept passing the buck backwards & forwards
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Re: Broadband recommendations North Creuse
by Hillbilly • Fri 02 Oct 2015 09:46
I have internet access via a 3G dongle from Bouygues Telecom - costs 23 euros per month. For Wi-Fi in the house, I bought a cheap wireless router from Amazon and it works fine. I am not particularly technical and have no idea about download speeds, but it works ok with Skype. I enquired with France Telecom about broadband access, but they wanted silly money and were not very helpful.

For phone calls I have English & French PAYG mobiles, English freeview TV via satellite dish and French TV via an indoor aerial. All very simple and hassle-free!
Sep 2007
Re: Broadband recommendations North Creuse
by virtdave • Fri 02 Oct 2015 13:31
I've actually been fairly satisfied with Orange (France Télécom). Our place is about 4km from the nearest repeater, and although 5km is supposed to be the limit, I've not had much problem with (for instance) buffering of videos. If you call them from your landline here, they will be able to tell you whether your place is close enough to a repeater to provide adequate speed. You can test your connection here, which also gives you a brief explanation of what the numbers mean. My download speed, just now, came in at 1.92 Mbps.
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