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Orange English speaking helpline
by edmoraz • Fri 06 Sep 2013 11:49
I use the word help in its broadest sence of the word, I was trying to get a phone line and broadband installed and they kept asking me for my phone number.....then they couldnt find my village so told me to phone back in two weeks, do they think I live in Brigadoon :roll: . No wonder you wait so long to be answered they are so slow oooing and aaarrring. I could scream. :censor:
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Feb 2008
Re: Orange English speaking helpline
by RobertArthur • Fri 06 Sep 2013 13:13
Orange's website - not easy to find relevant info in this cafetaria - mentions three roadmaps: 1) on their website; 2) by telephone; 3) fast . One and two are essentially the same: you have to provide a French telephone number. Your neighbour's, friends elsewhere, your French mobile. Other item, not on the list: patience. If there is already a telephone cable form their réseau going into your house, there is the third option: the fast procedure. This can be fast indeed: the technician needs only a ladder and a screwdriver to (re)connect two wires in a point de concentration (PC). And do something in the local telephone exhange (NRA)

Another possibility is to go to one of the local/regional Orange shops, with more than one document, their standard wishlist:

- Une copie de votre carte d'identité ou de votre passeport.
- Une copie du contrat de location, du bail ou de la promesse de vente.
- L'adresse exacte d'installation de votre future ligne (étage, numéro de porte...).
- La date de mise en service souhaitée.
- Le nom et le numéro de téléphone (travail, mobile) de la personne à contacter pour d'éventuels renseignements complémentaires.
- Les coordonnées (nom, prénom ou numéro de téléphone) de votre prédécesseur ou le numéro du logo (petite étiquette généralement située au bas de l'encadrement de la porte d'entrée de votre logement dans un habitat collectif).
- Un RIB ou un RIP si vous choisissez de payer vos factures par prélèvement automatique.

You need these two classic copper wires, the last monopoly of the once state run Telcos with almost absolute powers, if you want to go for an adsl connection. If you want to stay in the Orange family, have a look at their other abonnements, including internet and tv. Procedures for a ligne maison secondaire can be found here. Sometimes employees of Orange shops say "njet": not for foreigners. Which is not true, but for some or other reason this seems to be an unwritten procedure for some of their shop assistants and helpdesk boys and girls. Insist, or call the English helpdesk (back to square one....).

For reference this text, for many years already in their own regs:

Pour souscrire à la Ligne Résidence Secondaire, vous devez avoir obligatoirement une résidence principale en France ou à l'étranger et justifier de l'existence de votre résidence secondaire.
Vous devez présenter les documents suivants :
Une attestation d'assurance indiquant la nature de l'habitation.
Un document fiscal précisant l'adresse de la résidence principale (1ère page de la déclaration d'impôt sur le revenu n° 2042) ou toute autre pièce de type certificat/attestation de résident dans un pays étranger qui aura été dument établi par l'autorité fiscale locale.
Pour des résidences nouvellement acquises ou construites, une attestation de l'assurance indiquant la nature de l'habitation doit être fournie.

Internet and download speed: before deciding, check the expected downlaod speed, see recent broadband discussion, and perhaps take on board of your tour d'horizon other technical options: 3-G and satellite.

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Mar 2009
Re: Orange English speaking helpline
by virtdave • Fri 06 Sep 2013 14:46
Orange's English-speaking help line can be helpful (09 69 36 3900), you just have to get lucky and find the right technician there. It took me 7 tries last May to finally do this--the first 6 (and an equal number of yobs who answered the usual francophone help line) were, to be charitable, useless. It turned out I'd been slammed (is the same term used in Europe?--means the telephone provider was changed without my knowledge). The fellow I finally got ahold of was Irish, and the fact that my main problem seemed to be my inability to phone my daughter in Ireland may have helped. So don't despair, keep phoning til you get someone who knows his ass from his elbow. It can happen.

On a related note, the telephone operator to which I'd been slammed was Free. Turns out it is not really possible to contact their 'service'-après-vente. Worse than Orange.....
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Sep 2008
Re: Orange English speaking helpline
by edmoraz • Wed 18 Sep 2013 15:50
Tried again and got a lovely bloke, set up the broadband and phone for the holiday home , made up with this bloke now I just need someone who wants to phone me lol
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Feb 2008
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