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Rights to roam
by Pamski • Wed 11 Apr 2012 09:12
Does anyone know if it's true that anyone can come on to your property to pick wild flowers? This happened to friends of ours recently when two large groups of people climbed over a barbed wire fence to take huge armsful of wild daffodils from their land - basically the garden below their house. When challenged they were told that in France that's perfectly OK!
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Re: Rights to roam
by Dave • Tue 17 Apr 2012 13:08
In general people have the "right to roam" in the countryside, but not in your garden nor to pick your flowers.

I have seen people parking on mass and all jumping over a gate and picking "wild" flowers in a field and also I've seen several little old ladies run into fields to pick a solitary mushroom. I think this is accepted practice at least if not allowed in law. I expect this boils down to the definition or "garden" and "wild".

My suggestion would be to put up notices on the fence saying something like "jardin priveƩ" or "espace gardeƩ" and make the field look more like a garden. In practice however, if people have taken the flowers for a number of years they will expect to be able to do it again and so short of digging them up or putting dogs in the field, I expect you must be pragmatic about it.
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Re: Rights to roam
by Pamski • Wed 18 Apr 2012 12:56
That's helpful Dave. Thanks. I'll pass it on, but I suspect you're right - they always do it so just continue.
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