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Death of owner/seller after signing compromis de vente
by laPetite • Mon 04 Jul 2011 14:41
We recently signed the compromis de vente on a house on which the estate agent had power of attorney, as the elderly owner had Alzheimer's and no family, other than a nephew, who was happy for the sale to go ahead.

I've contacted the estate agent as the date we had agreed for the acte de vente was 29 July 2011. She has notified me that the sale is delayed because of the owner's death.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any idea what happens as we had agreed the 29 July for the signing of the acte de vente? Any idea of how long this might take (dreading the answer to that one).

Many thanks for any help or advice.
Apr 2008
Re: Death of owner/seller after signing compromis de vente
by Lynn • Mon 04 Jul 2011 14:54
I suppose they will have to sort out the will or lack of it first, but if the nephew is the heir then hopefully it shouldn't be too bad as he has already agreed.
Best of luck.
Apr 2008
Re: Death of owner/seller after signing compromis de vente
by piglet • Mon 04 Jul 2011 15:01
Hi lapetite

We had a similar experience in that the owner was selling as his wife was terminally ill. However, he died on the day we were due to sign the acte de vente!
By this stage the wife is in a coma and tracing the next of kin became difficult to the extent they employed a genealogist. The delay was almost three months because they had difficulties finding the NOK.
I suspect that in this case the nephew is in agreement with the sale and once the formalities of the owner's death have been completed, the sale could commence, albeit with a delay of some weeks.
Eventually we pulled out of the sale, and were not financially penalised because the fault lie with the sellers (or in this case the notaire acting on their behalf)in that they failed to trace the NOK.
I guess be prepared for a delay of some weeks, also taking into account the August period when most Notaires close for a month.
hope that is of some help and bonne chance.
Sep 2007
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