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Logistics of move to France - advice please!
by laPetite • Tue 29 Mar 2011 13:21
I'd be grateful for any advice that anyone could offer us on our forthcoming move to France:

Last year we put our house on the market to fund buying a house in France. The house sold after six weeks! Not for mega bucks I must say, as it needed loads doing to it, and we live in the North East of England, where house prices are nothing like other parts of the country. We hadn't moved for 30 years, and had expanded from a two-up, two-down terrace into the house next door, so had a lot of space. With a move to France planned, but not for another year for work reasons, we moved into a tiny cottage and have put lots of stuff in storage. With no mortgage previously, we are now paying out for rent and storage. So lots, of stress, and expenditure for the past year!

We have been looking seriously in France for a few years now (just during two-week holiday breaks), and had hoped to find something last September but unfortunately didn't. It was however useful in firming up where we do and don't want to live in the Limousin though.

So, now our move is imminent – we did hope to rent for a year, as advised on various forums, magazines, etc, but really can't afford to do that as what savings we have are whittling rapidly away.

And finally - my question for advice is: we plan to come on an intensive house search in May, and hope to find something fairly quickly. We'll need to find somewhere to stay in the Limousin, but all our furniture and possessions will need to be in storage here, so we'll have two lots of rental to pay for a little while anyway. We'll be buying in France for cash, so I think that will speed things up a bit (two months I've read between compromis de vente and acte de vente.

So, I'm wondering what other people's experience is – ie have you sold your house here before moving and had to store either here or in France? Has anyone shipped their 'stuff' out to France while waiting for a house purchase to go through? If so, where have they stored it, and what were the costs like?

With unlimited or more funds, the logistics wouldn't be so mind-boggling, so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Apr 2008
Re: Logistics of move to France - advice please!
by lestroisours • Tue 29 Mar 2011 23:31
LIke you, we sold before before buying here, and used a national remover and storer who moved us from Dumfries, and stored our goods at Newcastle until we called for it, That was in June 2007. Having got our house, they required 2 weeks notice to deliver our goods, which they did without hassle 10 days after our acte de vente, and incorporated it with a transfer within France for a company-paid-for move after tipping out our stuff. In all storage was for 10 weeks, and was not unreasonable.
If you want the name of the remover I'll PM you, but I shall not advertise here. If you need a place to stay I can put you in touch with an english family who may rent their holiday home not far from us on a short term basis, to offset their costs but I cannot promise you anything. Again PM me and I'll see what they say.
In any case happy house hunting.
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Oct 2007
Re: Logistics of move to France - advice please!
by rictel • Tue 29 Mar 2011 23:39
Normally about 2 months for the sale to go through, but beware the holiday periods of July & August as that could slow it down a bit.

I personally dont know of any storage places in Nth Creuse but maybe something in the larger towns, ie Limoges, Montlucon.
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Dec 2007
Re: Logistics of move to France - advice please!
by edmoraz • Wed 30 Mar 2011 09:46
I think renting an unfurnished house would be less expensive that storage. There are some on the market that look ok for under 400 euro a month.
Good luck and happy hunting.
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Feb 2008
Re: Logistics of move to France - advice please!
by David_J • Wed 30 Mar 2011 10:02
I fully agree with edmoraz (above). We had very much the same situation as you now have and rented a property for around 500 Euros/month for a year while we looked for our home.
Two main points.
1. The money we spent on renting more than paid for what the storage costs would have been in the UK.
2. We had done a lot of reasearch prior to coming here but renting gave us time to understand the market and prices here and to be patient rather than buy in a hurry. We finally found our property being sold privately which meant no agents fees, saving further money.
Working it out at the end, we saved money, even after renting.
We have since met many people who were pressured to buy in a hurry and later regretted it. There are more then a few immobiliers out here with fewer scruples than one might wish for.
I wish you all the best for your move.
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Aug 2006
Re: Logistics of move to France - advice please!
by laPetite • Wed 30 Mar 2011 11:37
Thanks for the responses up to now - all very useful. I've been given the contact for a storage place near Azerables, run by an English couple, if we do go down that route.
I look regularly at 'Creuse News' and 'the Bugle' for rentals, and generally at websites, but if anyone has any contacts, please pm me.
Thanks again.
Apr 2008
Re: Logistics of move to France - advice please!
by edmoraz • Wed 30 Mar 2011 12:41
Check out leboncoin I have had some fantastic bargains from there. There are quite a few houses to rent on there and you can search with the post code if you have a favoured are.
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Feb 2008
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