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Selling a house
by edmoraz • Mon 31 Jan 2011 14:35
Does the seller have to pay the estate agent in France, I have noticed the same house for sale on numerous sites and was just wondering .
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Feb 2008
Re: Selling a house
by TournesolKate • Mon 31 Jan 2011 16:55
No, usually the estate agent fees are included in the sale of the house, so the buyer pays all the fees.

I think that some internet agencies ask for "advertising fees" but this is not the same.
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Oct 2008
Re: Selling a house
by Zebedee • Tue 01 Feb 2011 16:15
We are selling at the moment - the estate agent fees come out of the sale price so yes, you still have to pay but we have not had to pay advertising fees as this is included. The notaire also takes his fees from the sale and the fees of any surveys etc. You then end up with whatever's left, paid to you from the notaire.
As for advertising on different sites, we had a clause that said we would not advertise with anyone else for the first 3 months of the house being on the market, but after that we could list with other agents.
Hope that helps!
Jul 2008
Re: Selling a house
by edmoraz • Tue 01 Feb 2011 21:18
Thanks for the info folks very helpful
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Feb 2008
Re: Selling a house
by Goose • Wed 02 Feb 2011 09:57
We advertised our house on three internet websites, (two of which we had to pay a smallish fee up front and the other we agreed via a "gentleman's agreement" to pay if it sold via that site). We also put the house with two local agents and told them that we had advertised on those sites and said we wouldn't put it with them if we couldn't sell it privately ourselves, should we get the opportunity. It was agreed within our contract that we could sell privately - which we did in the end.

The thing to be aware of is that if anyone contacts you via a website you've advertised on, you need to tell them which agent it is with as if the agent gives them details of your house, then it has to be sold via the agent - which will cost the buyer a lot more because of the commission so they need to tell the agent that they have already seen or got details of your house.
I kept a list of everyone who enquired via the websites and of all the viewers (we had 16 sets of viewers in all).

I kept the agents updated with progress, as requested. One agent (in Guéret) was very helpful and regularly kept in touch and brought a quarter of our total number of viewers to see the house. The other in Jarnages - well, we didn't hear anything else at all until we told her it was sold.

We sold within three months of putting our house on the market.

As Zebedee says, the Notaire will deduct his fees from the house sale amount and he can pay you either by a cheque or he can send it electronically to your bank but be aware there may be a delay of a week or so before it turns up!
Our Notaire's office also advised the electricity company that we had sold on that date and gave them the reading from that morning. He also advised the trésorerie regarding the taxe fonciere. You need to take your bills with you when you go to him so that he can give those offices the account numbers etc.
Good Luck!
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Mar 2005
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