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Numerous Properties For Sale
by Dave • Wed 15 Jan 2020 17:56
I've started to notice a lot a of properties for sale in almost every town I visit in Creuse. Even just driving though on the main road I often see 3 or 4 for sale in most places. This definitely seems like it is increasing, especially in the northern half of the department. I picked up a copy of the local Notaires magazine and the prices there do seem to reflect this trend. The cheapest is a mid-terrace house for sale in Fresselines for €16,800 including all fees and there are plenty under €50K. Prices in the south and around Guéret are higher but still good value.

If you've been considering buying in Creuse then you'll have a good selection to choose from I think.

If you're currently selling, I hope all goes well.
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Re: Numerous Properties For Sale
by charlie • Tue 18 Feb 2020 19:34
Every time we revisit our house, just in Indre, we notice the large number of houses for sale and also empty houses showing no for sale signs. During our twenty years there we have seen perfectly good houses, in excellent order, suddenly become empty and start a gradual process of degeneration . Their previously fine, well cared for gardens are sometimes cleared roughly once or twice a year but spend most of the time overgrown and scruffy. The for sale signs do not appear. There must be a reason why they are left to decay.
The trend for many local residents to move into those relatively tightly packed mini-estates with small, featureless houses seems to be accelerating. There are at least some sales of rural houses in good repair. The buyers are often a mix of foreigners from the Netherlands, Belgium and UK and reasonably wealthy Parisians. Nobody wants the old stone buildings that require massive investment to make them comfortable. I would steer clear of the houses that line the main roads and high streets in the small towns and villages though there are many village houses that are attractive propositions if they are set back and have been thoroughly modernised.
There does appear to be too many houses for too few buyers so the down turn in some sectors is inevitable. I like to look at the evidence of increased affluence in the area near us. When we first arrived the local cars were nearly all old and cheap but now most of the locals own fairly new, middle of the road vehicles better than mine.
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