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Re: Complaints procedure
by Dave • Wed 02 Apr 2008 14:26
If you have a problem with your bank you should first go to the branch to try and resolve the problem. If that gives you no joy then write to the Service Relations Clientèle at the bank, sending the letter by recorded delivery (recommandé avec avis de réception).

After that the main banks have their own independent ombudsman, called a Médiateur and you need to ask at the bank for their contact details (or look on their web site). The recommendations of the Médiateur are not binding but they are generally accepted.

Alternatively, the Fédération Bancaire Française also have a Médiateur in place, whom you can contact at:-

Fédération Française des Bancaires,
18 rue La Fayette,
BP 151,
75422 Paris CEDEX 09

or by email at mediateur@fbf.fr.
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Re: Complaints procedure
by nikimossy • Wed 21 Jan 2009 11:12

We sent a complaint letter recorded delivery to our banks service clientelle & had no reply. At the same time we sent a letter recorded delivery to their mediateur - reply, but we were not satisfied!! So sent her a second letter, again recorded delivery. She replied, saying she had two months to reply - two months passed yesterday & no reply.....she didn't say what we do if she doesn't send a reply within two months so what do we do now?
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Nov 2008
Re: Complaints procedure
by Dave • Wed 21 Jan 2009 11:38
Try to contact her and see what the delay is. Generally in France periods of time are somewhat elastic and should be taken as "about" rather than as a deadline (in most cases).

Otherwise contact the FBF (details above). The only other route is via an avocat - which will be expense and long winded and although a letter from them may speed things up - it might also slow them down considerably. Not knowing how serious your complaint is, it's difficult to know if the legal route is worth it for you, but unless you've suffered a serious financial loss or the bank has committed a crime then it is doubtful if this is the best route.

If your French is up to it, you should try to telephone your banks Médiateur and remind them about your issue.
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Re: Bank complaints procedure
by amandaandclint • Wed 21 Jan 2009 14:27
When we had problems with CA in Gouzon, we wrote to the head office in Clemont Ferrand (I think). We also sent a copy of the letter to the Bank Manager in Gouzon (all recorded delivery).

Part of out letter to them explained that we were making an on-line diary of the situation on numerous Ex-pat forums within France and 'hope that they respond within a reasonable timeframe so that we can update our diary with the reply that CA will be sending'.

Dont know if it made them hurry up a bit but I guess that the thought of bad publicity (especially within the expat community) might help things along.

We did get our matter sorted within around 2 months so maybe this is the normal time period for banks to sort things?

Good luck

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Re: Bank complaints procedure
by mousse • Sun 25 Jan 2009 11:04
Hi Clint & Amanda & Dave,
Thanks for the replies. It is not the first time we have had problems with CA, yes, name & shame time!!, Auzances & it was the bank manager himself who told us to contact the mediateur because either a, he couldn't be bothered to deal with it or b, assumed we wouldn't see it through.
There are no telephone contact details on the Mediateur's letters so will have to try to find one somehow.
Will keep you informed.
p.s Can recommend staying at the Verger chez Clint & Amanda. We had a lovely night away without our kiddies!
May 2008
Re: Bank complaints procedure
by mousse • Sat 06 Jun 2009 16:45
The médiateur finally responded, telling us to make an appointment with the bank manager. We did & took a French friend along. This had a result...write & tell us what you want- financial compensation. Had two meetings since, with manager & his boss from the Aubusson branch, I think- We estimated costs at 19,000 euros. They are verbally offering between 800 & 1,000 euros.
Did they commit a crime??????? their representative, Chalmin, told us to start bulding our garage for which they had agreed a loan as he needed a facture to unblock it- Jan 2008 as the loan had been accorded for a while & was nearing it's out of use date- end January. We gave him a facture, he lost it(?) didn't unblock the loan & we lost the loan. He started a new loan process, we carried on spending money & building. By May, still giving him paperwork & no loan agreement signed. promised us an overdraft to cover loan money until it was agreed. Once he even phoned us to go in & sign loan papers. Avoided our calls. In the end we went to see Manager- to find no loan paperwork done & all our savings had been transferred from our savings account into our joint account as no overdraft put in place either! The bank manager started the loan request again & it was finally refused without motif in July. We had no money left & an unfinished garage.
The guy, Chalmin, no longer works for CA & I read some documents on the Manager's desk at one of our meetings, which acknowleged his errors. The manager & his boss refuse to give us anything in writing & are now waiting for us to accept or refuse thier verbal offer, in writing so they can write to the mediateur & I suppose, wash their hands of us.
Not knowing our rights, not knowing who to ask for help, we feel victimized & at the mercy of unscrupulous bank employees- any advise?? Did Chalmin, just act irresponsibly or was it a crime??? Why won't they put anything in writing or accept that they are responible for their employees actions? It has cost us 8,000 euros we did not intend to use for this purpose & is not even finished. It has cost us in letters, time & family stress. What can we do now? How do we respond?
Thanks anyone
May 2008
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