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latest info on online banking
by sally watkins • Sat 12 Dec 2015 00:51
Hi there,

Does anyone have any recent experience of opening a French bank account for the purposes of paying bills etc on a second home? I've looked at previous threads but can't find anything post 2013.
It looks like we'll be completing on a house near Bourganeuf quite soon but we've yet to open a French bank account. Also, we'd like to set up an account from the UK. Any thoughts?


sally watkins
Jul 2015
Re: latest info on online banking
by virtdave • Sat 12 Dec 2015 18:53
We've used the Crédit Agricole in Felletin for many years, and found them very correct. If you speak reasonable French, you can probably get them to call you at the number on the linked page, tho I don't know if they'll call you in the UK or not--you can try looking here, perhaps specifying you'd like to chat with an English-speaking agent. They do have an agence in Bourganeuf. Setting up an account would probably be easier if you went in person, but you could ask. Once you have an account, which in our case includes a checkbook (chéquier) and a couple of debit cards (one's charges accumulate and are deducted from one's account once a month), setting up automatic deductions for taxes, utilities, etc. is pretty straightforward. We're charged about 6 euros per month for the services of the bank. Of course, one can use the cards to get cash from ATMs (distributeurs de billets), of which there are many, everywhere, including most supermarkets. There are typically no additional charges for using ATMs, even those associated with other banks, anywhere in the euro zone. We do almost all of our financial stuff via their website, and I transfer money directly to them as needed, for which I use xe.com, whose rates seem competitive and whose service has been good.
I would strongly disrecommend the Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP)--we used them for some years, and they were awful.
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Sep 2008
Re: latest info on online banking
by rictel • Sat 12 Dec 2015 20:19
I know a lot of people with second homes over here use Credit Agricole Britline as they can manage it online & it's in English.

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Dec 2007
Re: latest info on online banking
by sally watkins • Sun 13 Dec 2015 09:14
Thank you for your advice. I've looked at both. Working out what the charges are likely to be looks confusing or at least time consuming. But I think we'll go with Britline.

sally watkins
Jul 2015
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