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In the beginning... Ducks or Chickens?
by amandaandclint • Fri 31 Aug 2007 10:19
Is not the chicken or egg question this time but more of what people would recommend...

We are at the stage where we would like to take the first step and buy our first animals (only small ones of course).

What would people recommend first... ducks or chickens?

We have been told that ducks may smell and/or make quite a lot of mess. And chickens are easier although we are worried they will escape and merge into our neighbours chicken flock 'never to be seem again' :-)

We have all the outbuildings so space is not an issue but would people recommend as the easiest to get us started.

... also, they must be able to get on with the resident mole!


Feb 2007
Re: In the beginning... Ducks or Chickens?
by CaroleandClive • Fri 31 Aug 2007 10:33

Well, for me chickens win thru. Ducks are lovely little critters, but do seem to produce more poo/smell, and then of course geese even more. Depends what you're planning, are you going to build a coop and run or have them running about?

We loose the chicks to crows and magpies over here as well as foxes, lost some lovely little homebred chicks that way this year, which was so sad and they are in a very large enclosure with coops but no roof.

What a dilemma it all is, but I do envy you and will be interested in the responses from people local.

We will definitely have some chickens when we move over, can't wait.

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Dec 2006
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