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A miserable magnolia
by anne • Sun 09 Oct 2016 15:44

Help needed, please…I can’t recall what the magnolia looked like when we bought the house about 8 years ago, but it’s never thrived. We’re only here from time to time, and not keen or creative gardeners so our efforts are mostly control and maintenance, but all I read says that magnolia pretty much don’t need pruning so it’s probably evolved from a bush into a tree.

I think the problem is that this magnolia is a tree in the wrong place. It has leylandii (inherited!) on two sides and forces its way through them – we’ve taken one down to give it more space, but it will never have enough space. Can anyone advise? Or even come and take a saw to it? I think it may be beyond saving – and I can handle the shame and the guilt of that.

(I've tried attaching a picture but am struggling with a new Mac and/or slow connection and/or PontNoir limit on size - but can supply if helpful.)

Thanks for any help at all.

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Re: A miserable magnolia
by Dave • Fri 11 Nov 2016 09:25

I expect the magnolia, squished as it was between the two leylandii will look a bit strange and you might find that now it has less competition for space, light and water it'll pick up and bush out after a bit.

The leylandii will take all the space and all the water so if you want the magnolia to really thrive the other leylandii will probably also need to go.

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Re: A miserable magnolia
by anne • Fri 11 Nov 2016 10:18

Thanks, Dave. I think you're right. I've hacked away at it. It will either be the cure, or be a quick death rather than the slow suicide it's committing. Cheers, Anne

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