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Which ride on mower?
by Creusebear • Sat 15 Aug 2015 10:06

Looking for some recommendations here. At the moment we have a neighbour who kindly keeps our grass under control when we aren't here but the time has come for us to upgrade and get our own tondeuse autoportée
We have approx 1500sq m of grass to keep under control. I am at heart a Honda fan but have seen that locally there are some other makes, eg
Yvan Béal , MTD, John Deere, McCulloch, etc. any thoughts? Also as to useful extras to consider: front or back engine, grass collector, trailer hook, Jack etc

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Re: Which ride on mower?
by Dave • Thu 27 Aug 2015 13:42

I really rate the Husqvarna range of ride-ons (which are sold in Espace Emeraude in Jarnage). They are a little more expensive but they last (the one we had lasted over 12 years and actually might be fixed now with a new gearbox). We replaced it with a re-badged Honda from a place in Guéret. This had a two cylinder engine (quieter and more efficient and more robust). This is an automatic which I wasn't sure about but it really is a lot easier. I like this one as well, but it's not as well made really (with cheap plastics for example) but was a lot less than the equivalent spec. Husqvarna and it was also on special offer. Time will tell if this is a false economy or not but my suspicion is that is was, although it cuts well and uses less fuel and takes less time even if the cutting desk isn't as wide.

Rugged seems to be important because our "lawn" isn't at all flat or cut often and is covered in hard-set molehills and the top of quartz rocks as well as often being socking wet.

Economy is also something to keep in mind, because it'll use a lot of fuel going up, down and round 1500m2 and I expect it'll use a tankful at least to do that every time so it adds up (more if you are cutting very long grass because you'll need to go back and forth).

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