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vegetable plots
by edmoraz • Thu 03 Apr 2014 11:53

I notice there is a flurry of activity on and around veg patches at the moment but cant see any planting going on, someone told me the French dont plant out until May which seems a bit late to me. Are thry worried about a late frost?

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Feb 2008
Re: vegetable plots
by rictel • Thu 03 Apr 2014 17:35

There was indeed a flurry on our neighbour's potager recently. They ploughed last week then tilled early this week & started planting yesterday. They are both French & in their 70's so are not inexperienced in such matters so I reckon they aren't worried about any late frost this year.

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Dec 2007
Re: vegetable plots
by virtdave • Thu 03 Apr 2014 18:51

Many seeds could be planted now, but one is well advised to pay attention to the Saintes de Glace before putting out out plants. I wish we were over there now, when we arrive in early May it's a bit late for some seeds. And remember, last year it snowed at the end of May....I've found that tomato plants set out in early May, even if they don't crump due to snow, do no better than those put out at the end of May.

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Sep 2008
Re: vegetable plots
by Dave • Fri 04 Apr 2014 09:18

We usually start planting out over Easter and don't have many lost. The plot is sheltered from the wind and we live relatively low down at 350m; those of you higher up would be well advised to wait a bit, but the trick is to watch what your veggie growing neighbours do and follow suit. If you have a greenhouse or cold frames then you should have made a good start by now.

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Aug 2004
Re: vegetable plots
by Lynn • Wed 23 Apr 2014 20:56

I just ate the first peas of the year which have overwintered in my cold greenhouse. The French seem to buy plants for their gardens, hence them leaving it till after the middle of May, so they hopefully avoid the frost. We're at 550m altitude and I plant much the same as in UK but keep an eye on the weather forecast so I can put some fleece out if necessary.

Apr 2008
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