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Rose diseases
by dikdok • Fri 10 Aug 2012 10:00

Some of my climbing roses seem to be affected by a disease where the new shoots are pale, mottled and pink(not the usual red of new shoots), some are distorted, and some flower buds abort before opening.
Googling for this makes me wonder if this is rosette disease, a virus spread by a mite, which is devastating rose gardens in the USA. Does anyone else have this and is there any cure other than removing and burning all my roses?

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Re: Rose diseases
by lestroisours • Fri 10 Aug 2012 22:28

It seems that you may have a soil disease. Vigourously cut back the rose to the recommended lengths. Dig up the rootstock and place it in a bucket of water for the next phase, to remove and replace the soil, with a good quality top soil and soil conditioner. Replant the root stock with rose feed, and water well. Wait a year for the results. A long job but worked well here. We replanted a complete rose bed and they have been gorgeous since May and only just flagging mainly due to the hot weather. Buds are still forming, but need regular watering at this time of year.

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