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Frozen Onions
by grandad • Sat 11 Feb 2012 20:11
An outbreak of stupidity meant that we now have about 30 kg of large red onions which had been lovingly stored in the barn. - Temperature currently minus ten to twelve.
Result, frozen onion.
Anyone know if they will survive in the freezer now, there is about another 3months supply maybe going to waste. Or defrost???
Glad of any info, will do better next year !!!
Apr 2008
Re: Frozen onions
by thetransporter • Sat 11 Feb 2012 20:23
Not sure if they will survive whole, but we chop our excess onions raw, unblanched (and peppers, mushrooms, carrots, etc) and have no trouble using them . Best used fried from frozen on a fairly high heat - but for stews etc can just be thrown in at the start of cooking.
Freezing is all about water content, and the destructive effect on the cell walls that the water has as it freezes - the faster the initial temperature reduction the better, slower chilling results in slow, steady expansion of the water molecules, thus rupturing the cells of the item being frozen, leading to a mushy end result - tomatoes, having such a high water content are a bit of a no-no, although if de-seeded and diced can work quite well, but again only suitable for cooking with once thawed. - I would certainly not defrost them - they will go mouldy and rotten, put them in the freezer and after 48 hours or so get one out and try using it - that way you'll know sooner rather than later whether you can salvage them or not.
Bon chance !
Jan 2008
Re: Frozen onions
by lestroisours • Sun 12 Feb 2012 07:40
I think its time for red onion relish or marmalade. What an opportunity!
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Oct 2007
Re: Frozen onions
by grandad • Sun 12 Feb 2012 13:00
So far so good, but I can't recommend onion lollies !!!
Apr 2008
Re: Frozen onions
by JulieR • Sun 12 Feb 2012 14:05
I buy bags of frozen onions from the supermarket, they are sliced so must be ok to freeze
May 2005
Re: Frozen onions
by Annik • Tue 14 Feb 2012 01:07
I froze half of the 250 or so onions we brought back to England from France and they are still going stong. They are brilliant in stews etc. However they were frozen in the freezer rather than the barn! Maybe you should put yours straight from the barn into the freezer; otherwise they will go horribly mushy when they defrost.
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Jun 2007
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