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Senoueix and other Bridges you should Cross
by Dave • Fri 10 Apr 2020 12:51
Here are some bridges around Creuse that I really like. Writing this article has reminded me of many fun times with Digger our Husky cross. Whilst he didn’t care to swim, he loved water and has enjoyed a cooling paddle and a refreshing drink in the rivers by pretty much all of these bridges. We took family to see the bridge at Senoueix whilst he was still very young. We all walked alongside the stream and he saw something in the water went to investigate and promptly fell in deep water where the bank was too steep to climb out and that was the first, last and only time I saw him swim. I hauled him out and was thanked with a big lick and then he treated us all to an invigorating shower of ice-cold stream water as he shook seventeen hundred gallons of the stuff from his coat liberally over a wide radius. Happy days.

Le Pont de Senoueix near Gentioux-Pigerolles
Location on Google Maps

Le Pont de Senoueix is a small stone roman arch over the Taurion where it is little more than a stream. We discovered it early on simply as a drive by. It is close to the road and has a small parking area and a few picnic benches. Back then it was thought to be a genuine survivor from the roman period but these days the knowledgeable crowd seem to be of the opinion that it’s a more modern reconstruction. Either way it’s a great bridge and if you only choose one of the bridges here it should be this one. Everybody should climb to the middle and do a “Wonder Woman” or “Outdoors Catalogue Man” pose. Or both. Or swash-buckling pirates. It’s perfect for silly poses. Take a picnic and enjoy the nearby lake and a walk alongside the stream.

Le Pont du Poirier near Pontarion
Location on Google Maps

This bridge is a short walk from Pontarion along the side of the river Taurion. It is worth the walk, which can be a longer one (for example the one from La Creuse ... à pied book) but you can basically walk from the town to this bridge, cross over and walk back. The Taurion is full of colourful weeds and rocks and pretty much the whole walk is peaceful countryside with abundant wildlife.

Old Railway Viaduct at La Gare near Genouillac
Location on Google Maps

The railway has long since disappeared and the station is now used as a wholesaler’s yard but the viaduct over La Petite Creuse still remains. You can park up in La Gare walk down the old railway and across the viaduct and then descend to the road going right as you reach it then down to the ford (which is often closed in winter but you can cross safely with dry feet if you choose in summer) and then back up to the village. It’s a short circular walk of just over a mile. The viaduct gives great views of the river and pastures in the valley.

Le Pont du Moutier d'Ahun near Ahun
Location on Google Maps

Crossing the river Creuse just below the village is a medieval stone bridge that is thought to date from the twelfth century. There is a picnic area next to the bridge and easy access to the water. If you walk up to the village you can also spend some time in the Abbey which has well-kept gardens. There used to be a tea room as well iirc but it has been some time since my last visit so don’t count on it. The walk along the road and across the bridge is delightful.

Le Pont du Diable near Anzême
Location on Google Maps

The Pont du Diable spans the river Creuse under Anzême. You can walk up on the other side, cross back over the bridge and take a footpath to the left past the old mill that I always think that I’d buy and turn into a fabulous river side bar and B and B, but I won’t because, well, I’d not enjoy that sort of life (still, it is a decent project for someone). You can walk alongside the river to the weir or if you want some real exercise, you can walk up to town, but you’re probably better of driving up and parking opposite the Marie and taking in the view.

Le Pont Roby near Felletin
Location on Google Maps

The Pont Roby over the river Creuse on the edge of Felletin dates back to at least the thirtieth century. It is worth a detour or a walk down from the town. It’s a picturesque spot that is often missed as people rush past. The river flows well here and if you play “Pooh Sticks” you’ll need to scoot across the bridge to see the winner.

Le Pont Suspendu sur la Tardes near Évaux-les-Bains
Location on Google Maps

Le Pont Suspendu sur la Tardes, is exactly that, a suspension bridge over the river Tardes. It’s only a single track and it hums a bit as you cross but the experience and views are well worth the effort of finding this place in the middle of no-where (about 10km north of Évaux-les-Bains). There is limited parking but you can, as we have done, park and climb up onto the rocks by the bridge and enjoy a picnic and wait until the sun sets.

Le Pont de Verrières near Saint-Martin-Château
Location on Google Maps

This very old stone footbridge over the river Maulde is a short walk down from the village of Saint-Martin-Château. It’s the start of a short circular walk through the forest and back over the river at another footbridge. This is the better of the two and the trees just as you cross are really lovely even if you don’t bother with the rest. Caution: If you walk in winter it is likely to be flooded and very muddy a short way into the forest for several hundred meters.

I’m sure that I’ve missed a number of great bridges from the list and I expect that there is a fantastic one near you that you love to cross, so why not take a few moments to share it with us?
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Re: Senoueix and other Bridges you should Cross
by Ricardo • Sat 11 Apr 2020 23:05
Thank you for this Dave. We have seen some of those that you have shown, but there are some newbies that we must visit. I thought that you might mention the railway viaduct at Busseau sur Creuse, built by a certain Monsieur Eiffel, although as I remember crossable by train, but you can walk up to the bridge. Also I think we crossed the Creuse by a small footbridge by the Moulin Noye, just up from Glenic. Not sure its still open.
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Re: Senoueix and other Bridges you should Cross
by Dave • Sun 12 Apr 2020 12:27
I have eaten at le Viaduct at Busseau sur Creuse and seen Eiffel's bridge but as far as I know it is still a working railway line and thus I don't think it is permitted to cross it on foot. Both the restaurant and the view of the bridge are pretty good and worth a visit.

I can see a small footbridge by the le Moulin Noye on Google maps. I haven't eaten at the restaurant there for very many years and I am pretty sure that this bridge wasn't there then so it's a new one on me and I shall certainly check it out, thanks - the views along the river must be superb. It's a good excuse to try the restaurant again, which used to be decent.
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