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Glenic Donkey Fête 2018
by Dave • Wed 04 Jul 2018 10:57
It has been about 5 years since we last attended the Donkey Fête in Glenic, which is now held on the first Sunday in July every year. I really like donkeys so I enjoy this fête (the owners seems to know their animals a bit better than some of the horse fairs where I've seen some rough handling of animals in the past and stopped going as a result). It's grown a bit since the last time with a good variety of stalls and I guess somewhere near to 40 or 50 donkeys of all shapes and sizes. It was a pretty hot day this year so we only stayed for an hour or so - and the crowds were not a big as I remembered even though it is free to park and visit.

Here are a few photos:

We parked over the other side of the river from the main road in a large field. There was a little shade from some trees down the far end so we drove down the field and parked there. An angry bloke ran up and told us that we couldn't park there and had to move (we didn't understand why because he wasn't easy to understand). So we moved (to semi shade a little way off). I think he was having a frustrating time because everyone wanted the few spots under the trees. As he was dealing with us another car nipped by into the shade even as he was telling them not to. He got into a full on rage with them and they with him. So we left them to it and walked over to another small field next to the river where there were a few stalls and a blacksmith under the trees.

There were also a couple of large shaggy Wookie like donkeys, which are my favourites.

We then walked over the new footbridge that has recently been installed next to the viaduct. This gives a lovely view of the river Creuse and also of the canoe course they have set up there.

There were a good variety of stalls, a big tent for lunch and a large bar. There was an interesting stall all about bee keeping with a selection of hives (modern and ancient) and a small colony of bees behind glass.

The donkeys rested in small pens under the shade of the viaduct.

There were a few carts and buggies including this rather nice two donkey affair.

There were a bunch more stalls and trade tents on the main path to the small course they had set up - which wasn't being used whilst we were there - little more than a bunch of cones really.

Another new addition (since we were last there) were two climbing walls set up under an arch of the viaduct - one on each side of the arch. It seems like this was free to access and use at any time and whilst not much of a challenge to an experienced climber it looked good fun with a variety of handholds and a safety rope.

The footbridge leads to a new path that allows access to the top of the viaduct - something that I didn't think was allowed (and in fact the access gate was closed but I think that was only for the day). It's possible to walk along the path of the old railway to the next village.

We'll be back later in the year once it is a bit cooler to see if the viaduct is open and also the walk the path.
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Re: Glenic Donkey Fête 2018
by virtdave • Thu 05 Jul 2018 19:25
thanks for sharing those photos-==I'll try to put the event on my calendar for next year. My daughter is a regular attendee at an analogous fair (for mules) in California....
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