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The bridge in Saint-Georges-Nigremont
by virtdave • Sat 07 Dec 2013 02:43
When we bought our place we were intrigued by a red dot on the Michelin map of Limousin with the legend "pont interdit" just south of La Cour on the D18. The bridge in question, below, was built over fifty years ago, to provide access across the Rozeille stream, replacing a quite serviceable but medieval stone bridge down in the canyon. The new bridge lasted a couple of years, then started to disintegrate, and was forbidden to traffic....however, until the authorities walled it off, it was still used by hikers (including us) and by the neighbours for their tractors. It's rumoured that the entrepreneur fudged on the cement. Tho it's still standing, when I hike under it I keep an eye on it for falling girders....
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Sep 2008
Re: the bridge in Saint-Georges-Nigremont
by Dave • Tue 06 Jan 2015 11:33
Here is a closer view of the image. I wonder what the inhabitants of the house in the foreground thought of the bridge? It gave them something to look at whilst tending to the veggie patch perhaps when cars crossed.
You can see how the bridge has corroded on structurae.info
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Aug 2004
Re: the bridge in Saint-Georges-Nigremont
by virtdave • Tue 06 Jan 2015 17:52
The house was a café when the bridge was built--the local vicomtesse liked to frequent it, her château at Le Bost is just down the road. It was bought, and nicely renovated, by a Danish couple quite some time ago.

Btw, for those who want to upload photos to this site and find the photos too big for the limits, you might consider one of the many programs for resizing them--the easiest might be to open the photo with Picasa and use its 'email' option to send the photo to yourself. This automatically makes the image less detailed (i.e., well within the 256kb limit), and the reduction in detail is not noticable for purposes of this website. You can then move the image in the email you receive from yourself to your desktop (or wherever you wish) for uploading.
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Sep 2008
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