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Supply Rating
by SIMON • Tue 07 Jan 2014 10:47
your posts are excellent for a person who has working knowledge of electric circuits.
the french system is nothing new to me as I have spent over 20 years working on similar systems.
the only problem I have is trying to find out the rating of the cable coming into the house I have purchased. I forgot to look when I was over there and now I am busy drawing up plans for the property. It is single phase but I guess as it is very old will only be a few amps.
The supply cable is slung on poles, from the main network line, to the house, but does not look to healthy. it is the only house in the area so my supply is designated to me.

Basically just wondering what transformer size is used or do i have to get the supplier to instal a larger one.
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Re: Supply Rating
by RobertArthur • Tue 07 Jan 2014 12:22

In theory there are two "connection modes" to the power grid:

Less than 30 meters (branchement de type 1):
Your electrical responsibility starts from the main breaker, the disjoncteur de branchement (DB), and that's where the NF C 15-100 electrical code is master of your chateau. Meter and main breaker inside the house. The supply from the grid has to obey to the NF C 14-100 code.

More than 30 meters (branchement de type 2):
Meter and main breaker (DB) outside, limit of your property. Additional main switch (interrupteur sectionneur) in the GTL.

So far the theory, many shades of grey in between, inherited from the past, including the pure air-to-air cabling arrangement. But the same regs concerning wiring dimensions, see these figures for a voltage drop of 2 %. Decisive for the wiring: not only the distance, but also the maximum in amps of your single-phase main breaker, three models with pre-sets maxing out at 45 A, 60 A or 90 A. If you were to have a 60 A DB, and only a 6 kVA puissance souscrite (30 amps), your wiring from the power grid should be dimensioned for 60 amps.

The ERDF has, or should have, a database with everything they've done in the past, they should know what wiring size goes to your premises, and what the allowed maximum power in single-phase can be (voltage drop).

And the ERDF will insist to have an underground connection to your house from the pole. Go to the mairie, and ask them if they know anything about ERDF network updates in the near future.


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