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Electric Re-wire
by Sevy • Sat 19 Feb 2011 16:38
Has anyone had a rewire. We need it doing and I was wondering what a ball park figure might be. We live in a two bed house. Any recomendations would also be welcome. We are in the Felletin/Aubusson area.
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Mar 2007
Re: Electric Re-wire
by virtdave • Sat 19 Feb 2011 22:29
Tho you can do it yourself, we didn't--I don't know if M.Saby is still working, but he did a good job at a fair price, tho it's been a long time since he did it, and I don't recall the exact figure. He was (still is?) the mayor of St.Bard, just east of Aubusson. Of course, all artisans propose a dévis, typically for free, before proceeding with the project.
Also, I'd not be surprised if RobertArthur, who is obviously very knowledgeable (judging by his comprehensive and informed posts on this forum) may do this sort of thing.
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Re: Electric Re-wire
by Jeanne • Sun 20 Feb 2011 10:48
I suggest you get a few Devis and be very careful. There are several so called artisans that are not what they say they are, this does not just apply to electrics. Cheapest is not necessarily the best.

Also, I hope you won't need it done "next week". My husband is booked well ahead and depending on various points, ie, whether you need the wires chased or in trunking, thickness of walls, etc. it is impossible to give a ballpark figure. Depends too on if you want it all singing and dancing to the Normes with the required telephone connections and smoke alarms or if you have existing power and just want the basics. We have had several clients where we have had to re-wire an installation done by a so-called electrician and it has cost more because they had finished decorating so it was even more difficult to access the wiring and one idiot who put junction boxes under the floor, just to quote one example.

Also don't expect to compare it with UK prices. Cotisations and materials are a lot more expensive.

Hope this gives you some help.
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Re: Electric Re-wire
by Lynn • Sun 20 Feb 2011 11:01
We used a M Philippe Bouillot, he was very quick, neat and thorough and we were very pleased with his work. He has very little English but I had made a list of what I wanted and where I wanted it and he worked exactly to that. His number is 05 55 83 05 37, he was recommended to us by the immobilier and is from St Medard la Rochette. We live near Aubusson too, so the area was good for him. Our house is 3-storey, 3 bedrooms and we paid about 4,000euros for a complete rewire. One of the things he did which I hadn't asked for and didn't pay extra for was to install low-level sockets in the kitchen directly under all the higher-level ones I had asked for which have been a godsend for fridges, dishwasher etc,.
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Re: Electric Re-wire
by fieldp • Sun 20 Feb 2011 15:56
We are using Steve at La Coterie Entreprise, an English guy, to completely wire-up an 8-roomed stone house near Pionnat/Jarnages to the full standard (excepting phone points) at a lower cost than Lynn reports. The job won't be finished until the end of this week but we are very pleased with what we have seen so far. You'll find his details on this site.
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Re: Electric Re-wire
by RobertArthur • Tue 22 Feb 2011 14:17
Rewiring, what's in a name. Although it is much more simple than other forms of rewiring, the electric wiring of your house can be quite a challenge. Only a few circuits, a few new outlets, or almost everything out, and new in? Before asking a devis, ask yourself what you exactly want. Do you have a modern consumer unit, with RCD's for your own safety, and that of others? Sometimes you see rather anitique consumer units, to be replaced with some urgency. Belonging to une installation électrique vétuste, once brand new, in the fifties. To give you an impression of what I mean, look here on the website of a professional French electrician. A summary of two pages, old and dangerous, and the update. To enlarge the pictures: click on them. Should have a resistance of less than 100 Ohms, to be measured with expensive measurement equipment, but probably in the toolbox of a real, and not a self appointed, electrician. Beware. This is a summary about la mise à la terre of the French Promotelec organisation. Enough outlets, prises de courants, around? Perhaps a few extra circuits needed? Renew wiring and earthing in your salle de bains? Now is the time, now is the moment. Because you already are connected to the power grid, no need for an inspection by Consuel. Although more than a few artisans in France try to convince innocent foreigners, and their own compatriots, that this is absolutely necessary for a renovation, this quite often involves some wishful thinking. Yes, for a total renovation, bringing down walls inside your house, but not, I repeat not, for a partial renovation. Bringing an existing installation électrique in line with everything that has been laid down in the French NF C 15-100 code comes at a certain price. Which helps to explain the persistence of some service providers in this field. Remember: you are the one in charge. There are more electricians out there trying to make some money. For more information about the French electrical code read earlier discussions here on this website.

A little bit of knowledge helps in asking an electrician with some precision what you want him to do, of course respecting his or her professional pride, we are in France, and helps also in being a not so very easy target. Keep moving helps, and in this case keep reading and thinking.

Kind regards,

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Mar 2009
Re: Electric Re-wire
by cmchsmjm • Sun 27 Feb 2011 21:20
We too have used Steve at La Coterie for our rewire (and other work on our house) I can't recommend Steve enough. nice guy, great work, progress photos if you are not in France and his rates are very realistic. Just don't call him for about 12 months as we have lots to do at our place!!!!!
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Jan 2010
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