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Off-peak electricity: cheaper?
by RobertArthur • Mon 23 Dec 2019 12:51
Is the option heures pleines/heures creuses (HP/HC) helping you to lower your electricity bill or not? It used to be so in the past. As from august 2010 the picture started changing, a flashback. The heures creuses/heures pleines option is probably cheaper if: electric heating, chauffe-eau électrique, big families (washing machine) and two hours cheap tariff in the afternoon. Look here for the plages horaires, there are many different options, ENEDIS decides.... The general picture today. Some serious calculations needed. In this example (2018) for a 6 kVA supply: the HP/HC tariff is only cheaper than the tarif de Base if 45% or more of your consumption is in the so called heures creuses. Small differences in outcome possible of course, but standing charges are quite substantial here in France, so the kWh consumed in a second home will have only a marginal effect.
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Re: Off-peak electricity: cheaper?
by Dave • Thu 23 Jan 2020 09:30
We tried both Tempo (which was way too complex and didn't really save us money) and heures creuses which wasn't that bad, but we couldn't move enough stuff to the cheap window to make the extra tariff work. Both might work for you if you can move your life around to take advantage of cheap days and times and not use so much on the other days/times but unless you are a serous night owl then it's not that easy to stick in the low cost times.

I noticed that there is now another option for those this Linky called Heures Week-End (which you can also combine with heures creuses if you like) to get cheaper electricity on weekends and holidays.
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