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What's the weather like in an average year in La Creuse?
by LeHobbit • Sat 27 Feb 2016 18:16
We live in the Charente at the moment having moved permanently to France in 2014. We are in our late forties and were planning to set up a Eco yurt camping business and Eco B&B as well as growing plants (we both come from a horticultual background). Things haven't worked out for us in the Charente and it is not somewhere we want to settle . Our Charantaise longere farmhouse and 4.5 acres of meadow is going on the market in May this year and then we are looking to move. It may take some time for the house to sell but who knows. It is fully renovated (by us and builders) and a lovely property but the location is not right for us. As avid horticulturists, weather and climate is really important to us. We have lived in some very wet and challenging climates in the UK such as Snowdonia in North Wales and also parts of Scotland.

Can people give us their experiences of the climate and weather in La Creuse and the local micro climates and variations. Parts of the Charente are amongst the sunniest places in France, but this winter (our 2nd here) has been pretty mild and very wet with little sunshine. All the fields here are flooded and the clay soil is muddy and sticky! A total contrast to the area in the summer when it is baked!

We have read that most of the Creuse is a higher altitiude and also the the bedrock is mainly granite. I am guessing the soils are acidic? What's it like for growing your own food in the Creuse and is it sunny a lot in the summer and through the winter too?

We really don't mind a bit of rain but really prefer cold winter weather with snow, sun and frosty days, not endless rain and wind. Is the Creuse getting milder in the winter months like many other places? We would really love to hear peoples experiences of the weather and climate and of growing conditions.

Cheers Paul and Jackie.
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Re: What's the weather like in an average year in La Creuse?
by virtdave • Sat 27 Feb 2016 20:11
I can only speak to the summer weather from experience, since we're in Creuse from May thru October. Our year-round neighbors say that recently the winters have been unusually mild. When we first started coming there, about 30 years ago, the winters were definitely much colder, and we still, when we button up the place in October, assiduously drain the plumbing. Summers recently have been extremely variable---last year was pretty splendid, warm and even occasionally hot enough to encourage swimming in local lakes. It was dry enough last summer that we had to water our flowers some, but the rainstorms (which can include some rather nifty lightning displays) usually provide.
The soil is indeed very acid, which is why there's not really any wine from Creuse (well, yeah, there may be some, like there is in Iceland). To grow most vegetables and flowers, we've added quite a lot of manure and compost....some perennials, like lilacs (with added lime) and peonies do splendidly, but nothing grows really really quickly, you need patience.
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