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exciting storm last night
by virtdave • Sun 20 Jul 2014 10:10
About 2am last night, we heard distant thunder, and the wife went down to unplug the phone/internet connection, then outside to look. About 30 seconds later there was a huge lightning strike, surely (judging by the simultaneous flash and roar) within a few meters of the house, which blew the main circuit breaker. She literally crawled back into the house--our unflappable dog was unimpressed, but the wife was a bit trembly. Amazingly, none of the electronics were fried (partly, I'm sure, because she'd unplugged the phone line). And this morning, can't see anything whacked in the pasture, I thought perhaps the bolt had hit a tree. Anyone else have an exciting storm event?
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Re: exciting storm last night
by Annik • Sun 20 Jul 2014 23:02
Gosh, you were lucky. I'm very pleased that you, your house and belongings are unscathed. We had lots of loud sound effects but no lightning strikes this time – though our particular small area lies between two lines of high-tension cables and violent storms riccochet up and down the space between them. It's exciting to watch but we've lost various electrical and computing stuff over the years in spite of taking more than the usual precautions. Our uninterruptable power supply conked out last week but fortunately were were able to get another one bought and delivered before the next lot of thunderstorms arrived.
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Re: exciting storm last night
by Deleted User 1427 • Mon 21 Jul 2014 08:48
I have recently been looking at this site, real time tracking for thunder storms so you can track it on its way to you

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Re: exciting storm last night
by virtdave • Mon 21 Jul 2014 09:30
Nifty site....we looked up a bit about lightning after the recent almost-direct-hit here, and it's claimed that if you can hear any thunder at all, the risk of getting hit is significant. Certainly a couple of nights ago, there were only rather distant rumbles before the strike next to our house. I've managed to fry a couple of modems and a motherboard by imprudence in this regard; most of the damage does apparently come via the telephone line, so we unplug it first. But tho we have a UPS for our electronic gear, even that offers only partial protection, and the most prudent thing is to trip the main circuit breaker manually before the storm hits--tho of course then you're reduced to candles and flashlights....

Well, at least here in Creuse you don't have to worry too much about earthquakes. Our place in California is about half a mile from the San Andreas Fault.....
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