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Weather in Creuse
by Annik • Tue 06 Dec 2011 21:58
We had snow on Monday (though it didn't settle) and I have just seen from the weather forecast that there has been snow today in the Midlands and it is due here in the North West tomorrow, with blizzard conditions. Looks like the balmy early winter has finished.

What's it like with you folk in the Creuse?


PS: One of the photos illustrating the snow was of a post woman in Cannock delivering the Christmas mail in heavy anorak, knitted hat, very red and sore cheeks and shorts... Our postman here wears shorts in the most unlikley weather. Why do they do it? (Can't somehow see a French postie in shorts in the snow, although I suppose the rural ones are nice and warm in their yellow vans.)
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Re: Weather in Creuse
by lestroisours • Tue 06 Dec 2011 22:03
Hi Annik, Temp down in single figures, but damp and windy. I have foregone the shorts for the wooly hat (on my head), but no signs of the white stuff yet.
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Re: Weather in Creuse
by Jeanne • Wed 07 Dec 2011 13:43
Hopefully no white stuff this year but I think that might be wishful. Pleased we have some rain though, even though it is grey.

I wrap up this time of year, but we have a friend who either wears shorts or a kilt and no, he is not a transvestite, but he is a brilliant singer, just a little eccentric and extremely entertaining :)
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