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The effects of climate change?
by Annik • Fri 11 Jul 2008 21:37
I keep an eye on the weather at Guéret thanks to the link via Pontnoir, and it seems to be remarkably similar to ours in Lincolnshire at the moment. I am sitting here looking at the rain pouring down outside - ruining all the delicate petals on my carefully tended petunias - having spent part of the afternoon in warmish sunshine edging the lawns by hand with a pair of scissors (yes, I know I will get my reward in heaven...) before I had to dash inside when a thunderstorm with torrential rain started. It lasted about half an hour and garden path was swimming under water at one point.

I accept that the ice-caps are melting, and all that, but it seems to me that in our part of Europe summer as we know it has almost vanished. It's mid-July and I am wearing a vest, for goodness sake. I wore an Edinburgh Wool Shop waterproof car coat to go shopping a couple of hours ago. Climate change, yes, but global warming it is not.

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Re: The effects of climate change?
by lady • Sat 12 Jul 2008 21:52
Picture this''' A volcanic eruption''' How possibly could we as humans ever put that much pollution into the atmosphere? Just one single eruption would {in my opinion} equal a millennium of us insignificant beings polluting the atmosphere with cars, cows, [who put a lot of pollution into the world via methane}smoking, fires etc . I think nature will take care of herself. What are your thoughts? Lady
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Re: The effects of climate change?
by beetle • Sun 13 Jul 2008 09:09
Aaah Huum I can remember there was a day in June, it was a scorcher, listened to a live band, wore a T-shirt till gone eleven at night. Yes the summer of 2008 was one to remember.
Yep you have to be on the ball these days to catch the summer.
Nostrodamus describes Britain "as that sad sunken land". With the events of last summer in mind could he be right?
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Re: The effects of climate change?
by David_J • Mon 14 Jul 2008 09:06
Hi Annik
A couple of weeks ago every evening was so nice out here that we had run out of things to burn on the BBQ and had to make an emergency run to the huit-a-8 in Chénérrailes to buy more of his excellent burgers !
And if that nice Mr Gore is correct and sea levels do rise then we should still be dry over here.
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