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Rain in Creuse
by Peter • Tue 27 May 2008 19:08
Can someone let me know is this normal the amount of rain in Creuse we have been having?
Dec 2005
Re: rain in creuse
by mousse • Wed 28 May 2008 07:04
In my honest opinion, no. This is the heaviest rainfall we've had in one week in may for many, many years. April also saw the heaviest rainfall since the 1930's. It's quite demoralising, particularly after last year's awful summer. I've been here for 6 years and can't say that we've experienced 2 summers (or winters) the same.
Once the sun does come out w'll soon forget about this week.
May 2008
Re: rain in creuse
by edmoraz • Wed 28 May 2008 11:25
There is more rain forcast which is quite upsetting because my roof leaks and the builder cant fix it for a couple of weeks.What am I going to find in June I ask myself!
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Feb 2008
Re: rain in creuse
by FionaFrance • Wed 28 May 2008 19:15
If it's any consolation, the weather's rubbish in the UK too - when did we last spend a spring bank holiday with the heating on (!), listening to gales and rain lash the house? It's just not right :evil:
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Oct 2007
Re: rain in creuse
by edmoraz • Sun 01 Jun 2008 12:50
Is it still raining in the Cruese - we had a lovely day here in the UK yesterday but back to grey drizzle today.
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Feb 2008
Re: rain in creuse
by Ann-et-Steve • Tue 03 Jun 2008 12:07
Just returned yesterday after a week the Creuse. It rained some part of everyday, usually for a couple of hours in the mid/late afternoon, and it was heavy rain! However, it was still warm, and when the sun managed an appearance, it was extremely pleasant.
The River Creuse flowing through gorge at Anzeme, and under 'The Devil's Bridge', looked spectacular. Not the clear water as usual this time of year, but a brown, frothy torrent, about 2/3 meters higher than normal.
We went to the vide-grenier at Saint-Vaury on Sunday morning and the weather was fine, rained in the afternoon!
However, the wet weather did focus our attention on doing some interior renovation work, so that was a kind of bonus.

Mar 2008
Re: rain in creuse
by nadja • Thu 05 Jun 2008 09:30
Il pleut ├ęgalement dans le d├ępartement de l'Aube ! les canards sont contents ! :wink:
Sep 2007
Re: rain in creuse
by Annik • Thu 05 Jun 2008 12:11
What a beautiful photograph! If it's any consolation it has been chucking it down here in England as well. Our friend in the Creuse who uses our meadow says he hasn't been able to cut any hay yet; I wonder if it will be like last year when he did haymaking and harvesting at the same time? I'd never known that before.

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Jun 2007
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