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Secheresse creuse 2019!!
by sevy1 • Fri 16 Aug 2019 18:07
I have been checking the weather in the Creuse since our last visit in early July. Looks like there has been no real rain during that time. Just how bad is it? The French news sites are widely reporting water restrictions, dry lakes and thirsty cows!!. I am expecting our garden to be dead apart from the most established shrubs and trees.#
Please let me know your experiences of the drought. :tumbleweed: :(
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Re: Secheresse creuse 2019!!
by charlie • Sat 17 Aug 2019 17:54
We have been here for six weeks from the beginning of July. Generally it has been hot and dry with periods of very high temperatures. Our garden and surrounding area is showing the signs of drought but we have had a few heavy rain days to save most of the plants. Friends in the Creuse say there is a hose pipe ban, including the filling of pools.
Our garden plants have certainly suffered, some dead, though past experience indicates that it will recover after the rains reappear.
Hope your plants and shrubs have survived.
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Re: Secheresse creuse 2019!!
by Creusebear • Fri 23 Aug 2019 19:33
It is as dry as dust here. I had hoped that the tail end of last week's storms further north would bring some rain but it seems to have skipped over us. The grass is burnt to a crisp and there is a hosepipe ban. Today has being blistering and even the wind is hot! I feel for the farmers who are having significant difficulties keeping their animals watered. The weather forecast offers little hope that things are going to change anytime soon.
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Re: Secheresse creuse 2019!!
by charlie • Wed 28 Aug 2019 13:17
Back in sunny Surrey for a while. South East is as usual getting the best of the "heatwave" reaching 33 degrees in London. Friends here say that it has been hot at times though nothing like last year. The garden is green and our plants have clearly had plenty of rain to keep them going.
Last weekend we spent in Edinburgh where the temperatures were around 28 degrees. Everywhere in the UK has now cooled off and it is so much more comfortable. I checked the Meteo for central France and it shows your weather remaining dry and hot for some time. I hope September will be wet. We are returning in October with the hope of a warm, dry month.
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Re: Secheresse creuse 2019!!
by Dave • Fri 30 Aug 2019 11:37
The TV said yesterday that there were 87 departments with drought warnings. It seems pretty dry here this year although it has been worse I think. Our garden produce has really taken a hit - no apples or pears, very few soft fruits, tiny spuds and onions. We've also lost a few trees; a silver birch, an apple, a hazelnut and a buddleia. Many others are also stressed and loosing leaves early. The larger older trees are looking OK though. Two of our three ponds are completely dry as is our neighbours, although thankfully the fish pond has plenty of water and fish and is collecting several frogs.

La Petite Creuse is very dry - pretty much just pools. La Creuse is still doing well, at the 3 lacs anyway where we went for a paddle early one morning.

Hot again today :(
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