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Do You Use Public Transport in the Creuse?
  • Yes, all the time
    6% (1)
  • Yes, sometimes
    6% (1)
  • Yes, just once but never again
    0% (0)
  • No, I've tried but I can't use it
    24% (4)
  • No, it's not for me
    65% (11)

Total votes: 17

Public Transport
by Dave • Thu 07 Mar 2013 16:56
The Creuse is a very large department and some places are quite isolated and without your own transport it can be difficult to get about - but there is public transport available with a network of trains and buses - so do you use it?
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Aug 2004
Re: Public Transport
by dissid32 • Fri 08 Mar 2013 10:35
Only 7 votes so far, so not very conclusive. I have thought about using it, but have never found out how I can. I get sent a little booklet every year about the buses, but I'm not sure if that is just for school children, or for the general publiic. I have never actually seen a bus(I don't think). As for trains, I find the SNCF site absolutely confusing. It would help, if instead of asking where and when one wanted to travel, one could just look up available routes and a timetable. As for fares, I'm completely at a loss.
Am I just being stupid?
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Feb 2006
Re: Public Transport
by virtdave • Fri 08 Mar 2013 14:26
I voted 'not for me', since I assume the poll refers to the intra-departmental busses, which run pretty infrequently in the southeast corner of Creuse. I do use the trains for longer distance travel, especially when visitors come over. I agree that the SNCF website is crappy, especially the English-language version--the best bet for ticketing is the nice little lady at the gare routière in Aubusson, who beams with delight when I grumble about the website. In former times, there were huge regional timetable books one could study. A bit of sleuthing can still find the timetables on-line, but it's a good example of how computers don't always make things easier.
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Sep 2008
Re: Public Transport
by lestroisours • Fri 08 Mar 2013 16:24
For the first time we have elected to let the train take the strain, and go to the UK from Limoges Benedictins - Paris - Ashford and then take a hire car. There is no chance of getting to Limoges to take the train, other than with the help of friends.

The No.9 bus service Felletin - Limoges is otherwise is of no use for correspondence either, as we would still have to get to Bourganeuf to meet it.

10H05 to Paris, with 2 hours break to take the route 5 Metro to Gare du Nord, for the Eurostar, getting into Ashford around 16H25. A hire car at that side is quite reasonable for a week too, which was suprising.

We were so knackered after a drive there and back last time, we felt in need of a break. It works out a little cheaper too, and a lot cheaper than flying to Southampton and back, and there are no restrictions on baggage.

So public transport - None existant except for a daily minibus from Royere to Gueret Out in the morning, back at night, or a taxi.

As for the SNCF Website, I did not have a problem. Other than the seemingly hugely diverse prices for differing train times, it was easy to follow and the selection of alternate times was quite simple. What I cannot understand it if a ticket costs 115€ in one direction, why does it cost 185€ coming back?

On the same subject, why is it nearly twice the price using the autoroute Clermont Ferrand to Aubusson, than it is going TO the A75 in the other direction? Even the auto route companies can't tell me.
Sorry - off topic!
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Oct 2007
Re: Public Transport
by virtdave • Fri 08 Mar 2013 22:30
Last summer the early morning train from Felletin to Limoges (the Felletin Flyer) was still running, with a correspondance giving one about 8 minutes to make the Paris train. I did it once with a wheelchair-bound friend, and made it with several seconds to spare. Much more comfortable than the bus, about the same time of travel, a few euros more expensive. Dunno about the current website, but the train's schedule was craftily hidden in the site last summer.....I believe the train does usually stop in Aubusson (at the old, obscure railroad station, where car parking is free and unlimited)--not at the gare routière,,,,,
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Sep 2008
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