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Creusois Credit Crunch? This year I will be eating ...
  • my old boots.
    0% (0)
  • just what I can grow.
    11% (2)
  • supermaket specials.
    50% (9)
  • out, but a lot less.
    22% (4)
  • whatever I fancy.
    17% (3)

Total votes: 18

Creusois Credit Crunch?
by Dave • Wed 25 Jan 2012 12:45
How are the finances looking during the extended credit crunch? Are your savings holding up or are you looking forward to a small bowl of "boot stew"?
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Aug 2004
Re: Creusois Credit Crunch?
by Dave • Tue 21 Feb 2012 10:39
I guess that few multi-millionaires retire to the Creuse, but it is good to know that no-one is eating sole of old boot.

With poor interest rates, high inflation and huge fuel price increases I expect that belts will be worn tighter for the next year or so.
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Aug 2004
Re: Creusois Credit Crunch?
by Annik • Tue 21 Feb 2012 11:54
We will be eating what we can grow but unfortunately it doesn't get ripe until quite a long time after we've planted it!!! The last of the potatoes we harvested last year and brought back to England are now unfortunately chitting (they will get planted rather than eaten) and I've still got a lot of frozen onions left. We will be going for early potatoes this year!

The belt will certainly be tight this year, especially with VAT going up (and goodness knows what will happen with the Euro).

I just looked this up and for information for non-French residents – the fulltime ones presumably know them only too well – here are the exact details, culled from a couple of financial sites:

The standard French VAT rate will increase from 19.6% to 21.2% – a 1.6% rise.... The increase comes as a package of measures to help reform the economy, and help reduce the government deficit.The new VAT rate will be implemented on 1 October 2012.

France increased its reduced VAT rate from 5.5% to 7% at the start of 2012.

Goods and services subject to the increased 7% “reduced VAT rate” include sales of:

* Food for on-site consumption (restaurants) and for immediate off-site consumption (fast food and certain supermarket prepared foods)
* Non-reimbursable medications
* Tickets for shows, games, and entertainment (movies, theatres, concerts)
* Passenger transportation (by road, rail or air)
* Books (including e-books)
* Subscriptions to private television channels
* Collecting, sorting, and processing of household refuse
* Services relating to water supply and sewage
* Real estate transactions bearing on certain social premises and housing
* Supplies of housing in hotels or furnished apartments
* Work on existing dwellings (those in existence for more than two years)
* Goods used on farms and products originating from farms, fishing, and aviculture
* Certain animal feed products

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