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Steep price for dormer & window
by chaillac1 • Mon 03 Dec 2007 23:48
I have been working away fitting a very good and solid sub floor in my attic of 65 sq M and have all the planning permission granted relating to a building in an historic quater to fit 3 Dormer windows or as they are called in France Lucarne. i have recieved a quote to supply in Bois Chene (oak) and fit 3 of them with openings to take a 125 x 0.90 opening window which will also be supplied .
the quote is for the construction and insullation . and has come in at Euro 11 722.50 has any one had any work of this kind done and is this excessive.
the dormers will have 3 slopes to the roof 1 front and 2 sides . The building dates back to 1647 and the dormers on offer will fit the character like a glove .
All comments welcome.
Dec 2005
Re: Steep price for dormer & window
by blaudeix • Tue 04 Dec 2007 08:54
Hmmm, well that's less than 4K a dormer, custom made in oak - which isn't, as you know the cheapest wood but has quality.

The guys got to make these, with compound angles, then probably hire a manitou, rip off loads of roofing, reinforce the roof for attaching the dormers then re-cover, make watertight and give a 10 year guarentee while paying his secu.

The roofing on and around the dormer will be slow & time consuming hence costing more. I would think the installation cost is going to be bigger than the manufacturing cost.

I guess the windows are standard off the shelf ones? if not perhaps you could "tweak" the design to use standard units - in oak of course.

In short I don't think it's overly excessive but it'a always good to get another quote.

What price were you thinking?

Sounds as if your house will look fab when it's done - post a picture of it :wink:
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Nov 2006
Re: Steep price for dormer & window
by chaillac1 • Tue 04 Dec 2007 21:14
having looked at the replies and working out a costing for me to do it myself bringing over a builder friend i think i could do the job for around £6000 although i would save £2500
i recon it would eat up my whole year of holidays even though i am a lecturer and get 52days. So i have decided to go with JO SEM-M Sarl of my village 41, rue Leon Paul Fargue- 36310 Chaillac tel 02 54 25 74 23 . as i have said to many a french man i earn my money in England but i spend it all in France. And as its been pointed out at least i will get a 10 year guarantee and it will be built by experts who do this sort of thing day in and day out.

I will keep you posted and i will put some pics on
Dec 2005
Re: Steep price for dormer & window
by chaillac1 • Mon 04 Feb 2008 23:49
Well i am about 11.700euro (at a real bad exchange rate) or so lighter in the bank but my Dormor windows have been fitted and here is a picture, i havent seen them in the wood, lath and tiles as yet but they do look good . It even looks like the guy has had to take off at least 5/6th of the roof off to fit them as all but the top half of the roof still has moss on . Any way here they are almost finished. i recon it has saved me a year of holidays having them done by an expert. So come March, easter i will be knocking up the partitions and insulating the roof ready for the electrics to be ran in the summer.
The problem with this renovation bug is i have now gutted the whole of my down staires here in the uk . and at this very moment i have just finished boarding out my kitchen .
i think i am going diy mad.
if the pic go on i will sort them out 2 morrow
Dec 2005
Re: Steep price for dormer & window
by chaillac1 • Tue 05 Feb 2008 22:36
Fingers crossed here are the pics. ok having had 4 attempts to put pics on with no sucsess if you want to see them drop me an eanil and i will forward the pics that way . They were constructed and fitted by : Jo SE-M SARL , Charpente - Couverture - Zinguerie, Rue Leon Paul Fargue - 36310 Chaillac, o2 54 25 74 23
Fax 02 54 25 63 19
email jose.charpente@wanadoo.fr

his secratery speaks a little english BUT all communication i have had has been in my very bad French and his willingness to work out what i am asking for.
Dec 2005
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