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DIY sauna
by Creusebear • Sat 14 Jan 2017 18:22
It has been dream of mine to build a sauna. I'm thinking of using a stone shed in the garden. Has anyone tried this? Most of the plans I have found are for dry heat saunas as opposed to wet steam room types so maybe they are easier to build/maintain. I was going to use an old cuisiniere from the original house as a heat source and insulate with Celutex plus Superquilt and then line with planks. Does it have to be cedar or would another wood work? Any words of wisdom for a basic DIYer? Am I destined for failure or is there a sweaty future in sight? :-D
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May 2007
Re: DIY sauna
by sally watkins • Tue 17 Jan 2017 21:26
Hi there,

I've nothing useful to add, yet. But I also thinking of doing the same thing so I'll share on here if I find out anything useful.
sally watkins
Jul 2015
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