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Safety Certificate?
by sally watkins • Sat 13 Feb 2016 00:09
Hi there,

We are having some repairs made to our boiler for oil central heating and we have checked out that the guy doing it has a valid Siren number. But does anyone know if we should receive any kind of safety certificate once the work is complete?


sally watkins
Jul 2015
Re: Safety Certificate?
by RobertArthur • Sat 13 Feb 2016 16:04
Let's see what the French government has to say about this, Paris loves regs. About the maintenance of chaudières: ..... L'entretien doit être réalisé par un professionnel qualifié chaque année et une attestation doit être remise au commanditaire et conservée pour présentation en cas de contrôle. So you should get a so called "attestation". The complete text can be found at the website of a respectable organisation, le MINISTÈRE DE L'ENVIRONNEMENT, DE L'ÉNERGIE ET DE LA MER.
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Mar 2009
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